good morning, twenty-ten

4 01 2010

Lumos Flies (Owl City “Fireflies” Parody) by ALL CAPS
Is there anything better than Ron/Hermione songs?

ALL CAPS is a band/side project consisting of Kristina Horner of The Parselmouths and Luke Conard of Ministry of Magic.

So my goals for 2010 consist of… READING 50 BOOKS IN ONE YEAR. Guys, I STILL haven’t done it. EMBARASSING. IN 2008 I read 45, and in 2009 I read a pathetic 38. Bah. If you want to know which books I read this year, click the link on the top that says “BOOK LIST” where I regularly update the books I read. Or go be my friend on Goodreads.

Twenty-ten is going to be AWESOME, guys! Now off to the library!

let it snow let it snow let it stop snowing and warm up quickly pls kthx

28 12 2009

I’m just kidding, I love snow.

Our apartment is the one with the slivers of windows showing.

Our apartment is the one with the slivers of windows showing.

Holding snow in my bare hands for the purpose of this picture is one of those things that seems like a really good idea until 20 seconds later when my hands were freezing and all wet

Holding snow in my bare hands for the purpose of this picture is one of those things that seems like a really good idea until 20 seconds later when my hands were freezing and all wet.

It's not snowing, I'm just throwing the snow in the air. Hey, were you at my birthday a couple of months ago? Remember? There was a cake... I turned four...

But the craptastic thing concerning snow and myself is that I do not have snow shoes. And by snow shoes, I do not mean snowshoes like the kind you would wear while trekking across the Yukon, but I mean shoes that would be in any way appropriate to wear when it is cold. I have a two pairs of converse, and one pair of keds. And that’s like… it. Yeah, those get wet PRETTY QUICKLY let me just tell you. It’s lovely.


In other news: My family sent me christmas presents this year and THEY WEREN’T DELIVERED! And it was horrible and sad, and mildly depressing, and I was searching searching searching all over for them all weekend, but the good news is that I located it (at the post office, just sitting there, FOR NO APPARENT REASON) and I will be picking it up tomorrow! I can’t wait to see what my presents are! I’d like to say that I’m old enough to not have a fit when I have no presents to open on christmas, but really it was a tiny bit pathetic. Especially since I had opened my present from my roommate before she left (the complete series of Gilmore Girls, OMG I KNOW), so I REALLY had nothing to open on the 25th.

So, in the past three days or so, I’ve gotten really into knitting. Now if any of you recall, I started knitting a scarf about… oh… TWO YEARS AGO with my Grandma and still haven’t finished it. But I got a LOT done on it this weekend, and I’m already planning what I’m going to knit next and looking at fancy new needles. I know I know, I need to finish the first scarf first. But I’m really making progress, and I’m excited.

Another great thing about winter…. is FIGURE SKATING. Not that I can figure skate, but I love watching figure skating, and the WINTER OLYMPICS ARE ALMOST UPON US, GUYS! GET EXCITED!

I’m sure you are all wondering who to root for, besides Sasha Cohen, I mean. (That is if she even makes it, the poor girl. I mean I love her, but 2006 was her year, and it just didn’t work out.)

So, we are putting all of our hopes and dreams on Kim Yu-Na, from South Korea. What is it with me and the South Koreans these days? And if you are about to ask… what about the American girls???? Well, quite frankly, they suck. Sasha “I’m 25 years old and I’ve spent the last four years working on my acting career” Cohen has a pretty good shot at making the Olympic team again this year, if that’s any indication.

So on to South Korea we go. Here is my favorite Kim Yu-Na performance. She is so amazing, and pretty consistent, which is something I’m not used to, being a Sasha Cohen fan.

So her spirals aren’t as rocksolid as SC’s, and she isn’t as flexible, but I love the way she moves her arms, she’s like a little ballerina fairy! And she’s so expressive and fast and just so GOOD at skating it’s incredible. And every time she attempts a jump you don’t need to hold your breath like you do with Sasha. So she’s my pick for Vancouver.

Don’t worry Sasha, you are still my homegirl.

I love this performance from 2003. The quality is meh, but OMG she is stunning. I miss her Swan Lake program.
Do you see how her leg flies around when she lands her jumps! And the entrance to that spiral sequence (around 3:00) is INSANE. She doesn’t wobble AT ALL. My god I miss Sasha.

the inspiring truffle

3 12 2009

When I was in college, I decided to take Mandarin Chinese on a whim. My dorm neighbor at the time was taking it, and I would always look at her homework and wish I knew Chinese because the characters looked so cool. As a result of this class, I ended up making Chinese my minor, and going to Taiwan for a semester of study abroad. During study abroad, I met the girl who is currently my roommate/partner in crime/Aly to my AJ. If I didn’t have someone so badass and cool to live with here, would I have moved at all? I have no idea. So basically, suffice to say that I owe my entire life after age 18 to said dorm neighbor (who in the real world, is called Lauren).

ANYWAY, said Lauren recently started a food blog that TheRoommate and I helped her design, and I’d like to brag about it for a hot second:

I mean look at that header! (Okay, admittedly, the header DESIGN was all roommate, while the ideas came from yours truly). Oh man… and a THREE COLUMN BLOGGER LAYOUT! We actually tweaked html to do that, since blogger templates are only 2 column.

Anyway, The Inspiring Truffle reviews restaurants in NYC, Hong Kong, Taipei and anywhere else she happens to be! She’s just starting out, but already has quite a few posts and you all should go check it out if you get the chance or will be visiting any of those areas! Or just go comment to thank to her for changing my life.

Speaking of changing my life.

Holy crap Park Bom. This song is now number SIX on my iTunes Top 25 Most Played. I’ve only had it for like 2 days. It’s SO GOOD. And the music video is absolutely adorable.

Look how gorgeous her kitchen is!
She’s wearing a crown!
She’s frosting cupcakes!
I want to die it’s all so awesome!

dear caitlin

8 11 2009

this is what i want, so don’t be sad.
– Nina LaCour in HOLD STILL.

So I’ve read a streak of amazing books recently, namely THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY and THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO, which were both phenomenal, and I highly recommend them to anyone, but it’s been a while since I’ve read a book that connected with me on such a strong level as this one did.

And book trailers are usually a bit dodgy, but this one was made by the author and her friends, and it’s so perfect.

Oh… this book is so lovely, guys. I mean, it’s definitely heartbreaking, but also it’s just so wonderful.

hold still

Plus, Nina’s website is adorable!

apartment hunting… or not really hunting at all

4 11 2009

So my roommate and I have discussed many times the prospect of moving from our apartment at the end of the year, and our lease is up at the end of November, so we were thinking about starting to look for places at the beginning of November. So, right now. And so today, my roommate emailed me a bunch of craigslist ads to call and make appointments. I called three, and only one person answered, so I scheduled a viewing of that apartment later that afternoon. Four hours later, we signed the lease. WHAT? I know. It sounds crazy, but it really happened, and the hilarious part is that now I get to tell people that we found an apartment before they even knew we were looking for one. Because we had been “officially looking” for about 2 hours.

Anyway, the apartment is in Hoboken, which is perfect because my roommate works in Hoboken, and it has cool things like exposed brick walls, and a dishwasher, and two ACTUAL bedrooms, and it’s pretty much perfect for what we need in an apartment. And, I’m very excited to buy bookshelves and other things to decorate!




I’m so happy we were able to find a nice apartment without any of the hassle! So excited to move in next month.

halloweentown (the postgrad years)

2 11 2009

Stargirl from Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli
Picture 15

“She was illusive. She was today. She was tomorrow. She was the faintest scent of a cactus flower, the flitting shadow of an elf owl. We did not know what to make of her. In our minds we tried to pin her to a corkboard like a butterfly, but the pin merely went through and away she flew.”


and TheRoommate as… The Great Kate Weather Machine (Kate Wetherall) from The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart
Picture 16

“That was close,” Sticky said. “But now what? There’s nothing else to tie him up with.”
“How about this rope?” cried a familiar voice, and to their surprise Kate Wetherall suddenly leaped in through the open window.

And just so you understand the great attention to detail in her costume…

“I’ll show you,” Kate said, and began removing things from the bucket. First came a Swiss Army knife, a flashlight, a pen light, and a bottle of extra-strength glue, which Kate examined to be sure its lid was tightly closed. then she produced a bag of marbles, a slingshot*, a spool of clear fishing twine, one pencil and one eraser, a kaleidoscope, and a horseshoe magnet, which she yanked with some effort from the metal bucket. I’ve been through dozens of these,” she said, holding the magnet up for them to admire. “This is the strongest I’ve found.” Finally she showed them a length of slender nylon rope, coiled around the bottom and sides of the bucket. -The Mysterious Benedict Society

*We tried. We were unsuccessful. Seriously? Where do you go to pick up a slingshot these days?

apples and goats

21 10 2009

Hey, remember when I said I was going to make an apple picking blog but that never happened? HERE IT IS. I know. It’s like your wildest dreams are coming true.

So a couple of friends and I went on one of mta’s getaways, which was called the Farm Fresh tour. It was SO AWESOME. First, we all got on a metro north train at Grand Central and made our way up to Poughkeepsie, where the shuttle met us, and about a full bus worth of people.

Our first stop was Sprout Creek Farm, where we sampled their cheese, toured the milking facilities, and saw many farm-y type animals including my favorite… Soda Pop the GOAT!


Hello Goat!

Then we went to a vineyard and winery, named Millbrook, and we had a wine tasting, and the tour took us through the building and showed us how they make the wine (which apparently was totally unknown to me, as I discovered on the tour). The wine was actually pretty good especially their Tocai Friulano, and they served these amazing wine crackers which I would have linked here, but apparently they don’t sell on their site. Anyway, it was really quite fun and I took many pictures of the vineyard through the bus windows, so of course NONE of them came out… I mean hello, BUS WINDOWS, but I’ll show you one anyway.


And then last we went to an Orchard… which of COURSE I no longer remember the name, but it was cute and the apple trees were all in little rows for us to pick from! Now, I had never seen an apple tree like these before, and I was VERY excited. It was so weird to see all of the apples on the ground, and just SO MANY on the trees. It was ridiculous. So many apples! And you could just pick them off the tree and eat them. Not to mention, I had never seen so many different types of apples in my life. My fellow apple pickers were very upset that the Honey Crisp tree had been picked dry, but I’ve never had a Honey Crisp apple, so I’m now on a mission to try them soon.

pickin apples

Oh, the bliss of apple picking in the fall! So much fun, SO MANY APPLES. I wish I could make apple pie of some sort, so the apples don’t go bad. Poor apples.