i’m so glad i didn’t use wordpress back then

1 06 2009

So recently I was looking through the blog (a XANGA, lol) that I held all through high school, and wow… I was so annoying. Really. I can’t even read most of it without flinching and wanting to die. Thankfully, about 5 years ago I went through and privatized most of it, so none of you can access it, even if you tried. I constantly get mad at myself for never keeping a journal, but obviously that’s what the internet is for, and as I’m so self absorbed, I only enjoy writing when there is a possibility that other people will read it. And then hopefully years later I realize how much of a douche I am and go back and privatize it. But some parts are worth sharing, if only for the lulz-factor.


For EXAMPLE, here is a classic myspace style self-portrait, the likes of which appeared on the blog all the time. Don't you want to get to KNOW this girl? Don't you want to slap her across the face?

For EXAMPLE, here is a classic myspace style self-portrait, the likes of which appeared on the blog all the time. Don't you want to get to KNOW this girl? Don't you want to slap her across the face?

If that isn’t textbook I’m16andI’mbothwellreadandinsecure, I don’t know what is. And then I came across this little Pulitzer worthy post I wrote on April 3, 2003:

Doesn’t anyone ever get what they deserve? Do they?
Where’s my medals, awards, and trophies? Cause you know I fucking deserve some.
How can people be SO BLIND? They hurt so much harder than they’ll ever know.
One day you look around, and it’s seventh grade again.
I remember why I left that shithole. But it follows me today, and always will.
Loneliness is not the scariest thing in the world. The scariest thing in the world is being with your best friends and realizing how lonely you still are.

HAHAHAHHAHAHA WTF am I even talking about? Oh teen angst, how I do not miss you at all. And subject verb agreement FAIL in that second line, SUMMERcirca2003.

And then it’s great searching the archives because then Fall 2003 arrives and it’s like the tulips blooming in spring and every single post turns into a love song for Seth Cohen. Because of course I was obsessed with The OC and Adam Brody. OF COURSE I WAS. And in one of my “I LOVE SETH COHEN AND WILL MARRY HIM EVEN THOUGH HE’S A CHARACTER ON A TV SHOW AND I’M NOT ACTUALLY INSANE” blogs, one of my friends commented with this:

“summer, now r u actually falling for that seth cohen guy? cause im starting to get worried that ur getting really obsessed with him? u know if u really want a bf or somethin, i got a neighbor boy right across the street from me. yea, i spy on him all the time! but thats a diff story i guess.”

I find it hilarious that she thought obsessively spying on a real person was somehow healthier than obsessing over a TV star.

I also wrote some horrible poetry, complained about how much my life sucked, and constantly quoted Led Zeppelin songs, if you can believe it.

Oh SUMMERcirca2003, I wish I could write you a letter. In fact, I think I will:

Dear SUMMERcirca2003,

Chill. You’ll move to California (and later the east coast) and everything will be fine, trust me. Listen to a little top 40, watch a movie that isn’t up for Best Picture, and buy yourself a pretty dress. Oh, and read Catcher in the Rye, because judging from your “poetry” you’d probably enjoy it then way more than I do now.

Your future,


well, because i had to come from somewhere

10 05 2009

I have an awesome mom. I really do. Earlier this week the roommate announced “I’m going to CVS to pick up mother’s day cards, do you want one?” and I said “Uh… no?” and stared quizzically into space, but that’s purely because we don’t really do cards in my family, and sending one this year would set the bar altogether too high, as well as setting my poor mother up for disappointment when the card giving only happens this one time. So me not buying my mother a card doesn’t reflect upon our relationship at all. Plus, had I sent her a card this year, she probably would have called me out on the fact that how did I had time to 1. buy it 2. sign it and 3. drop it in a collection box, when I should be spending all of my free time banging on the doors of retail stores begging them to employ me.

She’s a really great person and I end up being happy she gave birth to me almost every time I call her, with one exception, and that is when I call her and she just got back from a sporting event / will soon be going to a sporting event / is at a sporting event / is watching a sporting event, because she tends to forget that her daughter (who got out of taking PE in HS because she “danced”) doesn’t really care or understand any of that. And my mother will give me the play by play of the entire game / match / whatever the night before, with me sitting on the end of the line being extremely confused because I think she’s talking about baseball and she’s actually talking about volleyball or vice versa. And she’s actually said to me “remember that really good football player from Punahou?” at least twice. 1. I didn’t go to Punahou, and 2. even if I did, I seriously doubt I’d know what she was talking about. We don’t all listen to sports talk radio on our way to work, mom! She’s a sports fan, and I love her for it.

My mom is also awesome because she’s seen more Lifetime Original Movies than the people who probably star in the LOMs, and once while watching Little Miss Sunshine, she said “I think that guy [Paul Dano] was in a movie where he played a teen dad.” Yes he was. Nice catch! She also religiously watched Wildfire and we used to call each other during college to talk about that weeks episode of The OC. As a side note, it KILLS me that my mother is forced to live in a state where they do not have equal rights to television teen drama AKA Gossip Girl (no really, they seriously don’t have The CW). I KNOW that my mom would LOVE that show, almost as much as I do, and I really wish we could have weekly talks about how much of a tool Dan Humphrey is, and AREN’T YOU GLAD / LUCKY I WASN’T RIDICULOUS LIKE JENNY?. As it stands, I’ll just have to be content with her calling me randomly to recommend that I watch Sydney White, aka Snow White but in college and starring Amanda Bynes, who is one of the only people my mother and I love equally, before I assure her that not only have I already seen it, but I saw it in theaters and on opening night, so checkmate. But, apples and trees, as they say.

My mom is also amazing because one time senior year (of COLLEGE) when I was going to a We Are Scientists concert with Kristin, I told my mom I was at a show and she said “Let me guess, The Cheetah Girls?” Hahahhah NO, but I see what you did there and I’m glad you know who The Cheetah Girls are, MOM.

Mom, I know you are reading this, so I have your virtual mother’s day gift. Here it is. Also, let me know the next time you are online so I can send you all her albums. You’ll LOVE her. Also, I really think you would like Friday Night Lights. Watch an episode sometime.


Because, honestly, what is better than this movie?

Because, honestly, what is better than this movie?

beda day #14: yesterday i thought my hearing was going

14 04 2009

but really my left headphone died.

In today’s installment on BEDA, I’m going to talk about Edward Cullen.

People seem to either:

Love him
Hate him because he give unrealistic expectations of love to teenage girls and this is a BAD BAD THING

Today I am pissed off because people apparently have decided that those who read Twilight should not be taken seriously at all. The thing that I don’t get is everyone going around saying that Edward watching her sleep and climbing her her room at night is creepy. This is fine, and kind of true. BUT THEN they will go on to say that girls who love Edward Cullen are deranged because they are promoting voyeurism, and that they clearly will all go on to be in controlling and possibly abusive relationships.

Um. OKAY WTF. This pisses me off. Because I have a crush on Edward Cullen I want to be stalked? THIS IS OBVIOUSLY NOT TRUE. I mean, yes, I have a twitter, and a blog, and a dailybooth, and a youtube, and a facebook, and a myspace, but I don’t actually want to be stalked. I don’t understand why all of a sudden people think that girls cannot distinguish between a real person and a character. This is not saying that people do not wish that these characters are real, so much so that they might actually dream about them, write to them, act as if they are real, etc. I am not saying that this is bad or good, I am saying that this DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY WILL GO FOR SOMEONE WITH EDWARD’S CHARACTERISTICS WHO IS NOT EDWARD. Does this make sense?

Sure, girls may say they want Edward to bite them, but if some random ass guy really came up to them and bit them on the arm, don’t you think they would freak the shit out? They may say “Edward could keep me away from my friends/watch me sleep/sneak into my house before we’ve officially met ANYTIME” but obviously if someone in their real lives actually did that to them I think they’d see a red flag. I mean, come ON give us some credit.

We can love Tuxedo Mask while realizing that some asshole who would only show up at the last second to score the winning goal and then disappear would obviously not be a catch.

We can love Trent Lane without falling in love with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR BEST FRIENDS’ BROTHERS.

get my drift?

We are in love with a fictional character, not stupid.

beda day #13: it’s just not cute like in ratatouille

14 04 2009

There is a mouse living in our kitchen. This is bad but the only thing I keep thinking is THANK GOD IT’S NOT A RAT!

I love This is Not Tom. If you have no idea what it is… I can explain it to you best by saying it’s like an online logic puzzle that started with just some webpages, but eventually ended up as a youtube channel you subscribe to, and every Monday, a new video is uploaded to it, and you keep following the clues until you get to the “end” for that week, which contains a new chapter in the “This is Not Tom” storyline.

It starts here:

and that should “eventually” lead you to the youtube page where you will find all the new clues. If you are starting this late in the game, remember to watch the oldest youtube videos first.

There is also a forum:

that can help you if and when you get stuck on something.

Here are some basic hints for playing:
1. Check the source code.
2. Check the URL.
3. Check the title of the pictures.
4. Google, Google, Google.
5. Check the background image.
6. Download what you can and check the titles.
7. Clues are hidden everywhere!

Good Luck!

beda day #12: chains you’re going down like the basset hounds

13 04 2009

Sorry I’m late for BEDA today, but I guarantee you’ll forgive me. Below: the most amazing music video ever created.

Now or Never (Battle of the Books style) – Everdeen Sisters (aka me and my roommate)

Quite possibly the most amazing thing we have ever created. We swear, this is in jest! We love all (or most) of the books in this battle and we are excited to see what happens. We just think Katniss deserves to win.

(yes, we used the song Now or Never from HSM3)

If our voices sound weird, it’s probably because we abused the “tuning help” option in garageband. Also, no books were harmed in the making of this video. 😉


Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen books left
Got to choose just one!
Sixteen, sixteen
Sixteen more books
Get ready, game on!
Sixteen, sixteen
Sixteen books left
it’s time to shine!
Sixteen, sixteen
Sixteen more books
put it on the line!
Sixteen, sixteen
Sixteen books left
Until it’s done!
Sixteen, sixteen
Sixteen more books
Wholl be number one?

Hunger Games!

Take it to the Hob now
Porcupine meat sells!
And the canon fires

Round one! Down! Yeah!

And then it gets harder (Katniss)
Got to get to round four (To win)
Cause we know were the best book!
(Come on John! Come on John! Come on!)

A girl hugging a bear
Is nothing to compare
And Arthur you will lie here
Because of us (Let’s kill!)

So why do we want to win?
P-R-I-M Prim!
Chains youre going down like
The Basset Hounds

This is the last time
To get it right!
This is the last chance
To make it or not!
You’ll be
The Giver of happiness (Yeah!)
Lois Lowry!
This is the last chance
To wish on Stars
Soon the only book
Left is ours!
This is the last fight
So make it count

It’s Now or Never!

That’s what
You’re going to do!
When we
Stomp all over you!
F-L-B, hey
You’re pretty great to me!
The odds are
Never in!

Lincolns don’t mean to hate
Didn’t you win in ’88 (Newbery!)
And both of you Sams now
Youre going down (3x)

Nation! (Hair ribbons & rainbows)
Katniss thinks that you are (Useless!)
Suzanne can do it better!

Washington this is
One battle you can’t win! (Thats right)
Kingdom on the Waves and
We are the Ship (Strike three!)

So why do we want to win?
P-R-I-M Prim!
Chains youre going down like
The Basset Hounds


It’s 12 Forever!

Katsa you can hardly see
Oooh, because one eye’s blue & the other green
The real cats are Underneath
And the best
of the best
Ends with N-I-S-S

Katniss! Go kill it up!
Yo Katniss! Yeah youre number one!
Hey Katniss! Youre the champion!
What! (5x)
Hey Graveyard Book
You’re getting a second look
Had your time, Denver ’09
Let me hear you say
A-L-A Hey Hey!

Chorus 2x

If you actually get half of the references here, I’ll love you forever.

beda day #8: across the universe

8 04 2009

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I have lived in some very different places.

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Then when I was 18, I decided to go away for college, to Los Angeles, California.

In my junior year of college, I spent a semester abroad in Taipei, Taiwan.

And last August I moved clear across the country to the New York City Metropolitan Area (I technically live in Jersey City).

It’s a long way. My entire family is a whole five (six during DST) time zones behind me in Hawaii. When I look at flights, the prices make me want to cry. But I’m glad I moved away. I love experiencing the real seasons for the first time, and I love all of the many opportunities that the city has to offer.

But in the spirit of moving around… here is a list of places I’ve never been to but would love to visit in my lifetime:

1. Sydney, Australia
2. New Delhi, India
3. Edinburgh, Scotland
4. Helsinki, Finland
5. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
6. Shanghai, China
7. Savannah, Georgia
8. Auckland, New Zealand
9. Anchorage, Alaska
10. Cardiff, Wales

and some places I’ve been to but would love to revisit:

1. Hong Kong
2. Tokyo, Japan
3. Vancouver, Canada
4. San Francisco, California

…mmm…. I want to go traveling so badly now!


For those of you who are like me and every day strive to become more like the legend that is Blair Waldorf, you’ll appreciate how happy this makes me.

beda day #6: i forgot, mandy doesn’t like coffee ice cream

6 04 2009
I'd give myself a cookie if I could read all those characters.

I'd give myself a cookie if I could read all those characters.

So yesterday I was thinking about this book, and about how I didn’t really like it. It’s the story about this woman growing up in less-than-desirable circumstances, and what I didn’t like about it was that the author spent a lot of time getting the reader to feel sorry for the main character, which is fine in most circumstances, but this is a story based on the author’s life. So basically she spent the whole book trying to get you to feel sorry for herSELF… and it just irked me a bit. But my roommate and I were looking her up because I mentioned that she not only wrote the book above, but she also wrote a book about her life story, except for adults. So basically she’s in love with her life story so much that she wrote about it twice.

And then… we discover that she has recently put out this book:

and yes, that's a photo of her in the little circle.

and yes, that's a photo of her in the little circle.

which is… wait for it… THE FICTIONAL SEQUEL to Chinese Cinderella.


Do people actually do this? Like write fictional sequels for their autobiographies? Isn’t that a little… weird? Like “In reality, I was in school during that time… but LET’S PRETEND I WAS INDUCTED INTO A SECRET SOCIETY SCHOOL FOR KUNG-FU ARTISTS.”

I don’t know.

Basically this has inspired me to write fictional sequels to OTHER autobiographies. So don’t be surprised if I come out with:

Miles to Go with a Man I Hardly Know by Miley Cyrus

Thank you, Microsoft Paint.

Thank you, Microsoft Paint.

Seven years ago, Miley Cyrus was a normal girl/pop superstar on the TV show “Hannah Montana” when she was approached with a job offer by someone claiming to work for SD-6, which was supposedly part of the Central Intelligence Agency. She accepted the offer, and quickly became a field agent. She tells her fiancé Nick that she is a spy. As a result of revealing SD-6’s existence to an outsider, her fiancé is murdered by SD-6.

It is then that Miley is told by her father Billy Ray Cyrus (another SD-6 agent) that SD-6 is not part of the CIA; instead, it is part of the Alliance of Twelve, an organization that is an enemy to the United States. Miley decides to offer her services to the real CIA as a double agent. Her offer is soon accepted, and she begins the long and arduous task of destroying SD-6 from the inside. She quickly learns that her father is also a double agent for the CIA.

I’d read that.