for your consideration

1 08 2010

So a couple of days ago, this for your consideration ad for Modern Family started floating around the internet, mostly because it’s hilarious and refers to Sofia Vergara streaking, but the bigger question here is, why don’t these exist for awards that matter to me, aka, THE YOUTH MEDIA AWARDS.

Well, now they do.


I have to give most all of the credit for these to my roommate, since she knows enough about entertainment to know what For Your Consideration ads are, and told me about them. Also, she made all of these. She just doesn’t have a blog to put them on.

Also, we may be committing some type of copyright infringement here.

Here are some other For Your Consideration ads, so you can see what we are trying to do here. Most of these are actually made by the networks themselves, except the New Moon ones, obviously:
The Dark Knight
Big Bang Theory
And of course, New Moon


now i just need a sweater

12 10 2009

So remember last post when I mentioned offhand that I loved Emma Pillsbury’s sweater guards?

Well now I’m officially obsessed.

Here are some photos of Emma (played by Jayma Mays) wearing sweater clips in Glee.

Aren’t they just adorable? Here are some sweater clips available on Etsy.

Some of my favorites!
blue flowers
Vintage Sweater Guard Sparkling Lilies

Vintage – Sweater Guard With Gold Leaves and Pearls

Scrabble Tile Sweater Guard Clip in greens

How awesome is that last one, btw? It’s handmade, so you can actually request certain letters for the scrabble pieces! How fun would it be to have initials! Ahhh. Just wanted to share the awesomeness. Expect a blog tomorrow… that includes APPLE PICKING! GET EXCITED!

***update, 1am***

Just bought this pair…


Yay!!! I expect them in the mail soon!

need a larger plate… and stat

9 10 2009

Remember back when I used to post in here semi-regularly? Back in the day? It’s okay if you don’t really remember, to be honest, I barely do myself, but there was a time when I posted in my blog a lot.

That was before I had a job. Having a job does so much good for a person… for example as follows:

1. provides said person with money.
2. provides said person with a reason to shower regularly.

but also has some detrimental effects:

1. that person has less time to blog.

I’m going to TRY to rectify that, especially since I ended my internship this week, and I now have THREE days off a week. Of course, I also had today off, and I did nothing but polish off bag of Tim Tams, so we’ll see how well I stick to this plan. The internship ending was hard / difficult / devastating for me, because I LOVED it there, and now I know more than ever that I should be NEED to be working in publishing. I don’t know if you are late to this blog the party, but I spent the last three months interning at a literary agency in the city, and it was fantastic. (I apologize profusely for using the strikethrough joke not once, but TWICE in this paragraph… don’t mind me, I’ll be off in the corner killing myself.) So many people complain about their horrible internships, and I’m so glad I didn’t have that experience. Everyone at the agency was so helpful and knowledgeable, and I really feel as if I understand so much more about the business of book-making than I did prior. Also, after interning at the agency, I could definitely see myself being a literary agent, which was something I had never really entertaining seriously in the past. (I think I always assumed that I wouldn’t have the ability to see a book with potential if it slapped me in the face, but after reading many manuscripts and writing readers’ reports, I definitely feel as if I would be a good judge of the quality of a manuscript, and I think I was underestimating myself.) So I’m going to start seriously applying for jobs in literary agencies and publishing houses, and hopefully something good will eventually turn up. But until then, my number one priority is this blog.

Wait, that’s not entirely true. My number one priority is looking for a job, and my number two priority is catching up on television. Now, I’ve always been a person who watches maybe two or three shows a season, at the most, but my current roommate LOVES television, and so tv shows have become a bigger part of my life as of late.

So here is the TV show line up:

1. Gossip Girl: This show is effing fantastic, I don’t even care what you all say, it’s brilliant (except Joanna Garcia… I’m sorry, but I just watched you tutor rich girls in Florida for a year… it’s too soon). And for the record, that killer line last week? “The next time you forget that you are Blair Waldorf, just remember that I’m Chuck Bass, and I love you”? It’s RIDICULOUS how emotionally moved I was by that line. Seriously. It was like I was Edward, and the show was Bella, and that line was my own particular brand of heroin… and I think I’ve taken that one a bit too far… backing up now.

2. Glee: This show has been a craps shoot recently. Sometimes the episodes are fantastic: like this week… HELLO JANE LYNCH DIARY SCENE! And sometimes they are horrible: Like that acafellas disaster that made me want to put my foot in a blender. I’m sticking around, though. Emma Pillsbury wears the most adorable outfits. And she makes me want sweater clips.

3. Dollhouse: I honestly don’t even remember what happened last season. I feel like this show has the potential to be a lot better than it actually is, but maybe it’ll pull through and have a great second season. If not, I’ll probably drop it.

4. America’s Next Top (Short) Model: It’s pretty sad when you have to rely on a reality show by Tyra “did you see my horrible acting on Gossip Girl this week?” Banks to be the only constant in your life, but Top Model is that for me. It’s always entertaining. Every week. My favorite is Erin. So she’ll probably get second, but what else is new.

5. Greek: This whole season / chapter / whatever they call it has been weak as a free drink at ladies night, but they really stepped it up with this past week’s episode. I love the Cappie / Evan bromance.

6. Vampire Diaries: I was totally about to write this show off as lame, and no matter how great WitchBonnie is, I can’t stomach the pain for another episode, when at the end of last week, they show the little anti-vampire council having a little meeting. And I was intrigued. Just when I think I’m out…. they pull me back in! – to quote The Godfather, part III… or in my case, Veronica Mars.

7. Flash Forward: So fakeLost has been okay so far… not brilliant, but even Gossip Girl needed a couple of episodes to get started, so I’ll keep watching for a while.

Ahhh stupid tv. So much on my plate right now. Oh, and also, I want this dress.

beda day #28: television update!

29 04 2009

So in this post, I discussed a little about the tv shows I like. I think it’s time for an update (this is filled with spoilers, btw):

1. The Amazing Race:
So the little brothers are finally gone, thank GOD. Tammy using her Chinese to get the other teams seated in the back of the plane… GENIUS! And the first time they’ve used Chinese where it didn’t just annoy me. Last week Tammy and Victor just blabbered on in Mandarin forever, for no apparent reason except to make the other teams think they were getting extra information. For instance, in the calligraphy challenge (where… I’m sorry, JEN AND KEISHA’S characters were so much nicer than yours, Tammy!), they kept saying “you write and we copy” over and over again. Um… DUH. I think I want Jamie and Cara to win.

The Redheads

The Redheads

Yeah, they yell at people, but they are quite funny, and remember that one time the little brothers called them and they pretended to be the airline? PRICELESS. Plus, the fact that they were CRYING when they thought they were first to the pit-stop was heartwarming/hilarious! I WAS SO HAPPY. And then they get handed another envelope and are told to keep racing? OMG SUSPENSE! Ahh I’m so excited for next week.

2. America’s Next Top Model:
So… when Jay announced what they were doing for the photoshoot… invoking the sexy Carmen Miranda, my roommate and I both said “Oh. No. Allison!” Because we all know that girl cannot do sexy. Even when Jay said “Haven’t you ever looked across a room and said ‘oh boy, are you noticing me?'” Allison stared at him blankly. And then Jay goes on to say “Probably not.” LOL! But DAMN! SHE ROCKED THAT PHOTOSHOOT!



And yeah, as you can see from my caption. SHE GOT FIRST CALL OUT! Allison FTW!

3. Gossip Girl:
I only have one thing to say about this episode. There is no way, no how, not in this world or any other one, under no circumstance would Chuck Bass play basketball.

Is this a joke?

Is this a joke?

I know he’s wearing velour and that almost makes up for it, but no. Not at all. That ball has bounced on the ground. The dirty ground. Outside. On an outside court. Remember back when the world made sense and Chuck played squash and had sex?

beda day #18: i miss rory gilmore

19 04 2009

The other day I mentioned that I went to the Perfect Fifths by Megan McCafferty book signing, I didn’t mention a couple of things that are probably important.

1. I didn’t buy Perfect Fifths.
2. I haven’t read Fourth Comings.
3. I hated Charmed Thirds.

I basically went to the signing to go with my friend and because I love book signings, but not for Jessica Darling herself. However, Megan McCafferty was SO awesome and hilarious at the signing, that I’m seriously considering giving Fourth Comings and now Perfect Fifths a chance. So keep that in mind while reading this. I will read the last two and I LOVED the first two. It’s just Charmed Thirds that makes me want to take an eye out.

During the signing, Megan mentioned that she got a lot of flack from readers of Charmed Thirds because it occurs in college and Jessica “turns into a slut.” While I can understand why younger readers would be really shocked and maybe even disturbed by that, her sluttyness is not what turned me off. It was the fact that she “turned into a douchebag.” Seriously.

The reason I titled this post with “I miss Rory Gilmore” is because I can see the similarities. I totally get that people grow up and change when they get to college. Rory slept with a MARRIED MAN (okay, her first boyfriend, Dean, but he was MARRIED!) for chrissakes. But it made sense when it was Rory. Because she was making mistakes and learning from them, trying to succeed at everything and then dropping out of college for a semester. It was heartbreaking and at times it didn’t seem like Rory, but she was growing up and changing, and sometimes she screwed up.

Jessica Darling, on the other hand, didn’t change at all. In high school she thought she was the lone intellectual in a sea of assembly-line meatballers and blonde bimbos, but I mean… yeah. Everyone feels like that in high school. That’s why we all read Catcher in the Rye and fell in love with Holden Caulfield. Or, more apt: THAT’S WHY WE ALL READ SLOPPY FIRSTS AND FELL IN LOVE WITH MARCUS FLUTIE. But still, by the end of Second Helpings, I was getting the feeling that Jessica realized that there was a lot about Pineville and people in it that surprised her (Bridget, for one) and that she was wrong about a lot of it. And then she went to college.

AND THE SAME DAMN THING HAPPENED. She acted like she was the only person with any wit or intellect at her college. AND SHE WENT TO FREAKIN COLUMBIA. She made absolutely no real friends, judged everyone, and (it appeared she) made absolutely no attempt to learn anything of value (ALL FOUR YEARS, btw). In general, she was kind of a jerk to everyone, in that angst-y, melodramatic teenager way, except she’s not a teenager anymore. It just seemed… off. I wanted to punch her in the face.

Ugh. But seriously, Megan totally won me over during the signing, and I’m going to borrow my friend’s copy of both Fourth Comings and Perfect Fifths, so I’m hoping Jessica gets better.

But I still miss Rory Gilmore.

Blair Waldorf gave you a shoutout a couple of months ago, but it's not nearly enough!

Blair Waldorf gave you a shoutout a couple of months ago, but it's not nearly enough!

Edit: Wait… Alexis Bledel’s next movie is…

Wow. Could this be more aptly timed?

Wow. Could this be more aptly timed?

POST-GRAD SURVIVAL GUIDE! I love how she still looks 19. This summer is going to the be the BEST MOVIE SUMMER EVER!

i also watch a lot of television

29 03 2009

So in direct contrast to the calming, “art” on my last entry, I’m going to use this entry to talk about a lot of television:

1. The Amazing Race: So I’m a little worried that every time I start to like a team, they get kicked off. It’s ridiculous. I started to like Steve and Linda… and so they got eliminated. Brad and Victoria were seriously badass… and they got the boot. Kris and Amanda… did anyone else see Kris carrying the cheese? like ON HIS SHOULDERS? and so they were eliminated. Jodi and Christie got really awesome right before they got eliminated. Right now I guess I like Cara and Jaime? but I don’t want to say it because as soon as I like them… they’ll get eliminated.

I don’t mind Tammy so much but I hate Victor. Seriously the guy just bugs me. So of course they are going to win. Ugh reality competitions, do I not learn from ANTM? SPEAKING OF ANTM…

2. America’s Next Top Model: If the adorably big-eyed Allison doesn’t win this cycle I will seriously chuck a birkett. Although going by how ANTM likes to treat me, she’ll probably get in the top two, and someone who barely registered on my radar, like Tahlia or Nikki Reed Natalie will win it all.

3. Gossip Girl: I feel like they are slowly getting back their groove. I don’t know what happened, maybe Ms. Carr coming in just threw everyone off, or the writers went on vacation, but things got wrapped up nicely in the play episode, and then last week we had the obligatory Nate storyline (I feel like every 6 episodes or so, they throw in a Nate problem so we remember he exists), and now we are ready for scandal! Come ON GG, DO NOT FAIL ME NOW!

4. Dollhouse: Holy balls, was that the best episode yet or what? I can’t even get over how great that was. Except for Eliza Dushku, who at some times would appear on screen and I would go “oh right, she’s in this show”, because even though she is the main character, I care about her about as much as I cared for first season Vanessa on GG.


Oh, and I think I’m going to try BEDA (or Blog Every Day April). We’ll see how this goes.

my name is sydney bristow

25 02 2009

I get attached to shows pretty quickly. It doesn’t take long for me to go from never having seen a show to trying to know everything about it. Right now that show is Alias. I’m still in the first season but it’s so good. The disguises are so awesome, and Sydney is just so badass in general. If you are considering a new show, try it.

My friend Emily from college (who recommended Alias) came to visit me last week , and one of the things we did was go to the American Museum of Natural History. It was really cool, I haven’t been there since I visited NYC like junior year of HS, so there was a bit I remembered, but it was still interesting. The coolest part was the “scales of the universe” exhibit, where there’s this giant white sphere in the middle of the room that they use to help you visualize space. Like for instance they say “if the sphere is the size of the human brain, then this plastic ball is the size of a raindrop.” and there’s a plastic ball in front of you the size of a basketball. And then you go to the next stand and it says “if the sphere is the size of a raindrop, then this model is the size of a red blood cell” and in front of you there’s a model red blood cell the size of a frisbee, which is supposed to help you visualize how small a red blood cell really is… and then it gets smaller and smaller until it just blows your mind that humans are able to identify things that are that small. I don’t know how well I explained it, but it was really cool.

Anyway, back to Alias, with each episode I watch, I feel more and more unaccomplished. I mean Sydney Bristow is out kicking people asses, and I’m sitting in bed watching her do it. Fail. And I’m really nonathletic. Fail. I need to like go run a mile or something.