one of the reasons i didn’t graduate with honors

24 06 2010

(Okay, to be fair, I’m the main reason I didn’t graduate with honors, but what can you do.)

About 3 years ago, I was on youtube searching british accents. Eventually, I stumbled across this video, by a girl named Paperlilies, which led me to her personal channel, which led me to the first vlog I ever watched… ever. I’m pretty sure I had a paper due the next day, because that’s the only time I REALLY get obsessed with things (case in point, I read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse during finals week of my last semester of college), and I watched ALL of Paperlilies videos. One of them was in defense of an Australian girl, who had apparently been ripped apart in a video by LisaNova (btw, I’m pretty sure none of these videos are still up), and Paperlilies was basically defending her.

That Australian girl was Natalie Tran. Known on the internet as communitychannel.

Now, I watch a LOT of people on youtube, but one of the people that I’ve loved most consistently, and for the longest amount of time, is Natalie.

So it just makes me so happy to see things like this, and see her speaking at international conferences and talking about what it really means to utilize new media, and essentially be a 24 year old student with a side job of a comedy show:

Sorry, I know this is just a random fangirl post, but I absolutely LOVE her.

alright, it’s porno music/comment time*.

*At the end of Natalie’s videos, she plays what she calls “porno music” and addresses some of the better comments from her last video. As a result, she has some of the most intelligent comments of anyone, because they try so hard to get in porno music/comment time. For the record, I was in it once!


it’s back. so are we.

15 03 2010

So it wasn’t too long ago when my roommate and I came to a crossroads. One of the biggest, most monumental decisions I have ever had to make. I really should have come on here and ask for your advice, as I did when I was facing THE biggest, MOST monumental decision of my life (that was whether I should cut my hair or not, for those of you keeping track at home), but we faced it alone. My roommate and I thought about it. And we thought. Pro and Con lists were made. Should we make one? Should we not? Are we still cool? Are we too old? It was painstaking. And then the Battle Commanders at the School Library Journal’s Battle of the Kids’ Books (which was the reason this time last year we made that ridiculous… ly awesome* music video where we burned things and dressed up like bears) announced that Battle of the Books t-shirts would be given out to the best blog posts or videos that address the battle.

It’s amazing how quickly we came to a decision after that.


There are sixteen, there are sixteen
There are sixteen more books for this year
Even though Catching is not here
The death toll is high because of Fire
Because of Fire

Evolution, Evolution
Evolution, special interest
But I just really wanted Hathin’s fists
To roughly touch Camber’s lips three times
Camber’s lips three times

Just send your mind across all time
If you’re Lost you won’t be fine
When you reach me
With frogs exposed to pesticides
Or IM that you feel inside
Soon you will see

You’re not livin’ till you’re livin’
Like Callie Vee
You’re not winnin’ till you’re winnin’
The BoB
You’re not gettin’ till you’re gettin’
Archer’s baby
You’re not readin’ till you’re readin’
All sixteen

This is the BoB round up song
There can be only one
Oh please, please, please just tell me

We had no rain, we had no rain
We had no rain until we got Jack
The Selma kids were often attacked
Camp Half Blood is
Where I’d like to be at, just like PJACK

Claudette voiced her rights with words
Mila didn’t take her herbs
They both have kids!
We’re a saxophone & trumpet
Locomotion is a poet
But who will win?

You’re not livin’ till you’re livin’
With Grandma D
You’re not winnin’ till you’re winnin’
the BoB
You’re not gettin’ till you’re gettin’
Archer’s baby
You’re not readin’ till you’re readin’
All sixteen

You can die, you can die
But you really should just try
Because you can’t only rely
On winning the tally, tally
Become the zombie, zombie
Straight to the Big Kahuna
Round and you’ll be the envy, envy, c’mon

You’re not livin’ till you’re livin’
Like Callie Vee
You’re not winnin’ till you’re winnin’
the BoB
You’re not gettin’ till you’re gettin’
Archer’s baby
You’re not readin’ till you’re readin’
All sixteen

This is the BoB round up song
There can be only one
Oh KPAT, please, please tell me

This is the potential winner song
Please just reveal who’s won
Which will it be? Which will it be?

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind while watching this.

-The actual Potential Breakup Song by Aly and AJ, is one of the greatest things ever created. We HAD to use it. Keep in mind that this song is a HELL of a lot harder to sing than Now or Never was. I mean, anything that Zac Efron can manage to sing in the middle of a basketball game can’t be THAT bad. So suffice to say, please excuse the singing.
-Unlike a certain sequel would suggest, The Hunger Games wasn’t thrown in the arena for a second year. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of great books this year, but none that moved us to the degree that we felt comfortable completely ripping apart the rest of them. (Just to refresh your memories, TheRoommate lit a book cover with a photo of George Washington LITERALLY ON FIRE in our last video. The things we get away with…) So this video isn’t so much in support of any one book as it is in support of the battle. Because we like the battle. We are huge fans.
-TheRoommate is half Chinese, and I’m from Hawaii. So that part isn’t THAT random. I mean, 98% of you still won’t get it, but just FYI.
-We wrapped Storm in the Barn securely before its starring scene.
-We ARE aware that more happened in Fire than pregnancies.

*Fun Fact: This is where my youtube name comes from. Because “LEE AWESOME” can make most insults considerably less insulting. So I’m not annoying. I’m annoyingly awesome.


26 05 2009

video + article = See you at BEA!

xoxo, s

P.S. It was brought to my attention that I should explain what BEA is. Thanks, Juli!

BEA, as defined by Wikipedia:
BookExpo America (commonly referred to within the book publishing industry as BEA) is the largest annual book trade fair in the United States. BEA is almost always held in a major city over four days in late May and/or early June. Nearly all significant book publishers in the United States, and many from abroad, have booths and exhibits at BEA, and use the fair as an opportunity to showcase upcoming titles, sell current books, socialize with colleagues from other publishing houses, and sell and buy subsidiary rights and international rights (although not on the scale of the rights negotiation that occurs at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October). Authors, librarians, and buyers for book retailers also attend the event.


i really do have such a girlcrush

20 05 2009

on Zooey Deschanel.

How on earth does she make even the stupidest commercials amazing? And yes, that is her singing! I LOVE HER.

beda day #25: hey, what’s that? a bandwagon?

25 04 2009

Yes it is. Hold your horses while I jump on it.

Summer (as defined by Urban Dictionary)
As I have a name that is… not just a name, I will not be posting the definitions that refer to the season unless I find them particularly amusing. And as it’s Urban Dictionary, I’m not going to post the ones that are extremely inappropriate… unless I find them particularly amusing. Also, I’m not correcting the spelling/grammar. Imagine a [sic] after everything.

The moment that every child, adolescent, teenager, and college student awaits. It’s supposed to be a time of rest, relaxation, vacation, and absolute fun. Regardless, it ends up being incredibly boring 90% percent of the time unless you enjoy sitting on your ass and playing Xbox 360 all week long. Which I don’t.

So true my jaded friend… so true.

a quirky girl whose beauty and spirit are only matched by her vivacious sex drive. she is always willing to have fun.

Yes, yes, yes, oh…

A young girl who is friendly and sweet. Yet deep down, she explodes with agressive qualities and amazing talent. This vivacous blond has phenomonal friends who care for her unconditionaly.

I’m not blonde. But other than that, okay.

In the United States, summer is used to reduce American high school shootings and increase illegal drug usage and partying. High school students would see this as education refuge due to the fact that summer is mainly the universal choice for education break and because school is the governments pathetic excuse to keep the kids away from parents who should be working and paying unreasonable amounts of taxes, bearing in mind that there are still people who graduate that are dumbshits, or in worst cases are most unfortunately stupider than before.

Wow. Nothing like Urban Dictionary, ya know?

Often a shy quiet girl , who when lets loose LETS LOOSE . She’ comes off as quiet insecure girl when actually she parties hard . She has this rocker attitude and doesn’t care what people think. She often has nice curves and a great personality. She probally won’t like you if your Boring Because Summer(s) often like to laugh.

Oh dear. I do like to laugh, though!

an asshole girl bitch that is obsessed with violence

Really? That’s like, the LAST thing I think of when I think of Summers. How odd.

I tried to make brownies tonight. Except I substituted hot cocoa mix for cocoa powder. Which, for the record, doesn’t work.

beda day #24: i’d like to teach the world to sing

24 04 2009

in perfeeeeect harrrrmonyyyyyy!

So, we all know I spend crazy amounts of time on Youtube just for the sheer entertainment, news, fangirling, etc, but I’d like to point you toward something else about Youtube that I love.


Mrs. Nerimon – italktosnakes (Kristina)

Blink – charlieissocoollike (Charlie)

Book Eight – vlogbrothers (Hank)

Transformers Rap – smosh (Anthony and Ian)

My Name’s Hayley, Dog – hayleyghoover (Hayley)

I’m Saying Nothing – fiveawesomegirls (Lauren)

The Google Verb Meme Thing – michaelaranda (Michael)

Mario Kart Love Song – blinktwice4y (Sam)

awwww. love. I might add more over the rest of the day if I remember any.