is roger ebert joking?

24 08 2009


Now, I LOVE Alexis Bledel. Probably a bit too much. In fact, I’ve probably said on occasion that I would pay money to watch her eat a sandwich, which is probably why the gods conspired against me to make Post-Grad the WORST MOVIE EVER. Wow. Here are some things I thought about while watching this horrible movie:

1. I wish I were watching Gilmore Girls.
2. How did they get Jane Lynch wrapped into this?
3. Is there seriously a 15+ year age gap between Alexis and her brother?
4. Or is that Alexis’s character’s son and Jane Lynch is just raising him?
5. I can’t believe I spent 12 dollars on this.
6. I’d rather be watching (500) Days of Summer again.
7. I’d rather be watching Bandslam again.
8. I’d rather be watching anything else in the world but this movie.
9. Damn, it’s after 11pm, and we’ll have to take the PATH through Hoboken.
10. The best thing about this movie are the pretzel chips I’m currently eating.
11. Did I just fall asleep?

I honestly don’t even know what happened with this movie. It started off with Rory (I think she had a different name in this movie, but really, who cares) posting a video blog (YAY!) on her myspace (kill me now), and it basically went downhill from there. I mean, this movie is pretty much my life story, minus the whole “hooking up with your Brazilian neighbor for no apparent reason” thing and the “man I wish this annoying kid I’ve known forever wasn’t in love with me because it’s major inconvenient” plotline. But then of course she falls in love with Mr. guitar-carrying-should-I-go-to-law-school-or-stay-home-and-continue-to-mack-on-my-best-friend and decides to fly to NYC (probably a good career move for her, considering she wants to work in PUBLISHING) to live with him (in his dorm room, I’m guessing… who is she, Lane?), just because she “misses” him. YOU MISS HIM? Call him on the effing phone, woman.

Seriously, considering this movie is about a girl who graduated from college with a degree in English and who wants to work in the publishing industry but can’t seem to get a job (why hello, me!), this movie could have been fantastic. I mean, we could have had a scene where Rory spends three hours printing out her resume in 15 different fonts and forces people to rate them, or we could have watched her stumble through an interview that ends with her saying that her favorite book of all time is The Unbearable Likeness of Seeing by Milan Kundera, only to come home and find out that it’s actually called The Unbearable Lightness of Being and well, that’s what happens when you try to class up your “currently reading” list from vampire romances and Sarah Dessen novels.

I mean, HELLO, if that isn’t MTV Movie Award winning material I don’t know what is. But this movie was so awkward, with parts of it trying to be Little Miss Sunshine “We’re a weird family!” and one scene where Rory has a breakdown in a luggage store that I would say is on par with everyone’s favorite poor little rich Orange County girl throwing the lawn furniture in the pool. Also, I think they killed a cat and tried to make it funny. I’m not even an animal person (aka last week at work a woman asked me for books for adults on “coping with the loss of a pet” and I definitely raised my eyebrows when she wasn’t looking), and I found that scene painful.

Basically, I saw Bandslam last weekend, and by that I mean the high school flick about a battle of the bands starring Aly of Aly and AJ and Vanessa “We’re Breaking Free” Hudgens, and it was better than Post-Grad.

Also, how did Rory manage to intern at both Random House and Penguin without going to New York?


in a weird mood today

19 07 2009

I’m in a weird mood today.

So instead of trying to explain an unexplainable mood… I’m going to ask you all a question.


ignore the messy room

That is what my hair looks like right now.

ignore the awkward expression

This is what my hair looked like last summer. Yeah, my hair grows really fast. And we’re not doing that cut again because the top was so short it was almost scene. I do not want a mullet, thank you.


1. Cheaper, as I don’t have to do anything.
2. All of it can go back in a ponytail easily, so no need for bobby pins or clips.
3. I can just let it air dry on the walk to work and it looks fine, meaning more time for sleep.
4. It reminds me of my hula days, which is a good thing.
5. I have a whole princess / victorian age / lotr style love of long hair.


1. The ends are really looking (more than) a bit ragged.
2. It makes me look like I’m younger than I am.
3. Long hair + “Summer” + Hawaii = Such a stereotype…
4. I sometimes feel really old fashioned.
5. Every time I see someone with a cute haircut I get SO ENVIOUS IT’S INSANE.


1. Look more styled and like I care what I look like.
2. Hair will be healthier.
3. Possibly look older?
4. Trendier, more with it. Less Luna Lovegood, more normal person.
5. My hair grows really quickly, so I can always grow it out again.


1. Will take time to blow dry in the morning, and when I inevitably wash and wear it, it’ll look like crap.
2. Will cost money.
3. Will take time and effort to find a stylist.
4. Every time I see someone with long hair, watch Gossip Girl, watch a meekakitty video, or see this picture of Maggy Rogow, I will wish I hadn’t cut it:
Her hair is so gorgeous.

I LOVE MAGGY (and especially her hair).

Ughhhhh… Basically when I have short hair I want long hair and when I have long hair I want short hair. It’s a vicious cycle. Okay, it’s not really even a cycle. It’s just me being fickle.

And if I cut it, HOW should I cut it?

1. Jayma Mays

2. Lauren Conrad

3. Sarah Chalke (I know this picture is awkward but I like her hair.)

4. Taylor Momsen (The irony of using a Taylor Momsen hair photo is not lost on me, as we all know her current hair looks like something the cat dragged in.)

5. Kristin Cavallari (I have a full-on love affair with her hair during Laguna Beach. Seriously. I brought her photo in to my hairdresser once and it turned out not like hers, but maybe I can try again?)

It’s so sad how much of my mental energy is being devoted to my hair as of late. HELP ME.

youtube ad fail

3 07 2009


She’s 16. Come on, youtube. You think I’m NOT GOING TO KNOW THAT?

if you don’t read anything else today…

28 05 2009

Read YA Author Libba Bray’s post on Prop 8.