breakout, let the party start

19 09 2008


1. So Yesterday I found this video:

I absolutely DIED laughing. It probably will not be funny at all to those of you not from Hawaii, but believe me, it’s hilarious.

2. On Wednesday, I went to Connecticut for the first time! I had driven through it before, but I decided it doesn’t really count unless you really DO something there. We ate dinner at Panera in Glastonbury, CT. That counts. It was delicious! I ate the Turkey Sierra sandwich and tomato soup. Panera is the best.

3. On Monday (or possibly Tuesday, depending on Amtrak prices) I am officially moving to the city. I will be moving in with a family friend in Brooklyn for about 3 weeks or until I find a real place to live. AHHHHHHHHH!

4. I still don’t have a job.

5. Girls Aloud > Pussycat Dolls
Why don’t I live in the UK? I’m thinking about making a music video to Can’t Speak French. I freaking love that song WAY too much.