the silver chair

13 06 2008

book club update:

11. Prince Caspian

12. The Voyage of the “Dawn Treader”

13. Girl at Sea by Maureen Johnson


I’m now on book 14: The Silver Chair, so I’m still trekking along in Narnia, but I probably should read my stuff for Denver soon.



Yesterday I went to my Grandma’s apartment and she taught me how to knit! I knit a tiny swatch that really isn’t anything, but I’m going to buy some yarn and then go back next Wednesday and I’m going to start on a scarf!



I am now the owner of a MacBook Pro and an iPod Touch! This may slow the book club progress slightly. This iPod (and the MacBook too for that matter) is pretty flash, but shit I deserve it for suffering major gadget lust for like 3 years. 


Also, I think I’m officially no longer sick. Yes.