for your consideration

1 08 2010

So a couple of days ago, this for your consideration ad for Modern Family started floating around the internet, mostly because it’s hilarious and refers to Sofia Vergara streaking, but the bigger question here is, why don’t these exist for awards that matter to me, aka, THE YOUTH MEDIA AWARDS.

Well, now they do.


I have to give most all of the credit for these to my roommate, since she knows enough about entertainment to know what For Your Consideration ads are, and told me about them. Also, she made all of these. She just doesn’t have a blog to put them on.

Also, we may be committing some type of copyright infringement here.

Here are some other For Your Consideration ads, so you can see what we are trying to do here. Most of these are actually made by the networks themselves, except the New Moon ones, obviously:
The Dark Knight
Big Bang Theory
And of course, New Moon




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