one of the reasons i didn’t graduate with honors

24 06 2010

(Okay, to be fair, I’m the main reason I didn’t graduate with honors, but what can you do.)

About 3 years ago, I was on youtube searching british accents. Eventually, I stumbled across this video, by a girl named Paperlilies, which led me to her personal channel, which led me to the first vlog I ever watched… ever. I’m pretty sure I had a paper due the next day, because that’s the only time I REALLY get obsessed with things (case in point, I read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse during finals week of my last semester of college), and I watched ALL of Paperlilies videos. One of them was in defense of an Australian girl, who had apparently been ripped apart in a video by LisaNova (btw, I’m pretty sure none of these videos are still up), and Paperlilies was basically defending her.

That Australian girl was Natalie Tran. Known on the internet as communitychannel.

Now, I watch a LOT of people on youtube, but one of the people that I’ve loved most consistently, and for the longest amount of time, is Natalie.

So it just makes me so happy to see things like this, and see her speaking at international conferences and talking about what it really means to utilize new media, and essentially be a 24 year old student with a side job of a comedy show:

Sorry, I know this is just a random fangirl post, but I absolutely LOVE her.

alright, it’s porno music/comment time*.

*At the end of Natalie’s videos, she plays what she calls “porno music” and addresses some of the better comments from her last video. As a result, she has some of the most intelligent comments of anyone, because they try so hard to get in porno music/comment time. For the record, I was in it once!




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