the one where she got a hobby

21 02 2010

So sometimes… I get weird… and find it hard to post regularly? There it is. That’s my excuse for not posting an entry in a while. I get weird. Let’s hope I’m never on trial, ever.

That aside, I’d like to share with you my latest project / accomplishment / thing I will be bragging about for the next 2 years and possibly longer:

check it out, yo! the cabling, the buttonholes, the beauty!

Yes my friend, I KNIT that! With my own two hands! (proof to follow):

yes, we have exposed brick walls. be jealous.

Anyway, here’s the pattern if you want to be a crazy person like me and want to kick off your knitting career with a neckwarmer that has CABLING EVERY OTHER ROW. You know what they say. GO BIG OR GO HOME*!

Totally cool, right? Please tell me that it’s cool, even if you don’t think so, because I will straight up cry if you do not.

another shot of the neckwarmer, this time in the coat. lovely, yes? YES IT IS! SAY YES! OR I'LL KILL YOU!

they call me crafty spice**,

*Okay, I’ve never actually said that. And I’m not really the kind of person who would. I’m much more of the “GO BIG if you think you can and weather permitting and no one of note is watching” type of gal, but what can you do. I’m badass… at knitting.
** No, they don’t.