and this is what they call jailbait*

8 01 2010

So there’s this awesome kpop band called 2NE1.

There are four members.

From L to R: CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy

Here is their music video for “I Don’t Care”

Now, if you can tell them apart, which takes a while at first, as they are always wearing crazy amounts of makeup, and CL looks completely different every time I see her, you’ll notice a couple of things, namely that CL is completely badass. Yeah, she straight up calls someone a “loser” at one point. Who is she talking about? I have no idea. But it’s freaking great. Don’t believe me?

CL and Minzy’s solo “Please Don’t Go”

CL is in the pigtails and Minzy has short hair.

So… basically the two badass girls were like, hey, let’s do a song together, it’ll be cool. Plus we are the babies of the group.

Wait, the babies? Yes, as in CL is 18, Minzy is 15, and Dara and Bom are both 25. TWENTY FIVE?!?!?! What? How did they even make it in this group? Well, Dara… okay with Dara I have no idea, but Bom’s story is basically

Hey, I want to be a singer, and then I graduated from High School, and then I graduated from Berklee (wait, WHAT?), and then I was like, okay I GUESS I could get plastic surgery exercise, and be in this girl group, even though I can’t really dance.
But honestly, Bom can get away with murder anything, because she created this:

Park Bom, You and I

which I’ve posted here before, but hell, I’m doing it again, because I love this song so much. Plus, it’s a bit rich for me to make fun of a 25 year old for pretending she’s eighteen, considering I’m a member of team VERONICA MARS MOVIE (which would force Kristen Bell to play Veronica Mars at 29), and at 23, I only read books in which the protagonists are about sixteen.

So basically there’s this huge age discrepancy between the members of 2NE1. I mean, ten years is a long time. Bom and Dara were in 5th grade when Minzy was BORN. And Minzy is pretty much in 5th grade, you know, NOW, so that’s a substantial amount of time.

It reminds me of the promos for Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, when America Ferrera and Blake Lively would go do interviews together, and it would be so weird because Blake is such a teenage girl, and America is such a woman. Well, it probably didn’t help matters that Blake comes across as about as bright as Serena van der Woodsen, but that’s really neither here nor there.

And don’t even get me started on Jackson Stewart.

But then again, if all these people can work out their age differences, 2NE1 must be able to, right?

and then I see this on the fanpage:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! See. That’s what happens when you put a 15 year old girl in your band.

****I know, from that headline, you THOUGHT you were getting a post about Nick Jonas and the Administration. Sorry.


i like you so far, twenty-ten

5 01 2010

Two interesting things happened today.

1. I got a nosebleed for the first time… ever.
2. I got offered a job. At a publishing house. In marketing. In CHILDREN’S marketing. Needless to say, I accepted.

Oh… what a beautiful day it is.

good morning, twenty-ten

4 01 2010

Lumos Flies (Owl City “Fireflies” Parody) by ALL CAPS
Is there anything better than Ron/Hermione songs?

ALL CAPS is a band/side project consisting of Kristina Horner of The Parselmouths and Luke Conard of Ministry of Magic.

So my goals for 2010 consist of… READING 50 BOOKS IN ONE YEAR. Guys, I STILL haven’t done it. EMBARASSING. IN 2008 I read 45, and in 2009 I read a pathetic 38. Bah. If you want to know which books I read this year, click the link on the top that says “BOOK LIST” where I regularly update the books I read. Or go be my friend on Goodreads.

Twenty-ten is going to be AWESOME, guys! Now off to the library!