apartment hunting… or not really hunting at all

4 11 2009

So my roommate and I have discussed many times the prospect of moving from our apartment at the end of the year, and our lease is up at the end of November, so we were thinking about starting to look for places at the beginning of November. So, right now. And so today, my roommate emailed me a bunch of craigslist ads to call and make appointments. I called three, and only one person answered, so I scheduled a viewing of that apartment later that afternoon. Four hours later, we signed the lease. WHAT? I know. It sounds crazy, but it really happened, and the hilarious part is that now I get to tell people that we found an apartment before they even knew we were looking for one. Because we had been “officially looking” for about 2 hours.

Anyway, the apartment is in Hoboken, which is perfect because my roommate works in Hoboken, and it has cool things like exposed brick walls, and a dishwasher, and two ACTUAL bedrooms, and it’s pretty much perfect for what we need in an apartment. And, I’m very excited to buy bookshelves and other things to decorate!




I’m so happy we were able to find a nice apartment without any of the hassle! So excited to move in next month.




5 responses

4 11 2009

SO excited for you guys! Can’t wait to see it/be allowed to visit your apartment one day…

5 11 2009
Auntie Becca

Score! Finding a great apartment in the NYC area is just plain sweet. I know. I had one once. I’m really happy for you.

9 11 2009

It’s always nice to have a place to live.
I really like the lemon clock….

9 11 2009
Jason Hertenstein

Give us your opinion on our site see if it would have helped you at all find a place in NYC

22 11 2009

Yay! That is so lucky, lol. I hunted for 2 months!! But congrats! And when you’re moved in and want to go shopping for your apartment, I want to come with! 🙂 (I love decorating. haha)

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