apples and goats

21 10 2009

Hey, remember when I said I was going to make an apple picking blog but that never happened? HERE IT IS. I know. It’s like your wildest dreams are coming true.

So a couple of friends and I went on one of mta’s getaways, which was called the Farm Fresh tour. It was SO AWESOME. First, we all got on a metro north train at Grand Central and made our way up to Poughkeepsie, where the shuttle met us, and about a full bus worth of people.

Our first stop was Sprout Creek Farm, where we sampled their cheese, toured the milking facilities, and saw many farm-y type animals including my favorite… Soda Pop the GOAT!


Hello Goat!

Then we went to a vineyard and winery, named Millbrook, and we had a wine tasting, and the tour took us through the building and showed us how they make the wine (which apparently was totally unknown to me, as I discovered on the tour). The wine was actually pretty good especially their Tocai Friulano, and they served these amazing wine crackers which I would have linked here, but apparently they don’t sell on their site. Anyway, it was really quite fun and I took many pictures of the vineyard through the bus windows, so of course NONE of them came out… I mean hello, BUS WINDOWS, but I’ll show you one anyway.


And then last we went to an Orchard… which of COURSE I no longer remember the name, but it was cute and the apple trees were all in little rows for us to pick from! Now, I had never seen an apple tree like these before, and I was VERY excited. It was so weird to see all of the apples on the ground, and just SO MANY on the trees. It was ridiculous. So many apples! And you could just pick them off the tree and eat them. Not to mention, I had never seen so many different types of apples in my life. My fellow apple pickers were very upset that the Honey Crisp tree had been picked dry, but I’ve never had a Honey Crisp apple, so I’m now on a mission to try them soon.

pickin apples

Oh, the bliss of apple picking in the fall! So much fun, SO MANY APPLES. I wish I could make apple pie of some sort, so the apples don’t go bad. Poor apples.




2 responses

21 10 2009

I’m so jealous right now I can hardly type. There’s a hole in my heart where Fall belongs. Oh well.

Open Faced Apple Cream Pie sounds like a good use for some of those apples! (Becca makes it whenever we beg her–is that a family recipe, or just hers??)

Oh, and I almost bought a pygmy goat once. Dang cute, he was.

22 10 2009

your post made my day. i was so waiting for this on the 13th and when it wasnt there i almost called you to ask you about your apple-picking experience (it was like 3:30AM your time so i decided against that). if i ever get to come and visit you can we have an adventure like this one, looks like so much fun! oh and btw i love you hair! xo

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