now i just need a sweater

12 10 2009

So remember last post when I mentioned offhand that I loved Emma Pillsbury’s sweater guards?

Well now I’m officially obsessed.

Here are some photos of Emma (played by Jayma Mays) wearing sweater clips in Glee.

Aren’t they just adorable? Here are some sweater clips available on Etsy.

Some of my favorites!
blue flowers
Vintage Sweater Guard Sparkling Lilies

Vintage – Sweater Guard With Gold Leaves and Pearls

Scrabble Tile Sweater Guard Clip in greens

How awesome is that last one, btw? It’s handmade, so you can actually request certain letters for the scrabble pieces! How fun would it be to have initials! Ahhh. Just wanted to share the awesomeness. Expect a blog tomorrow… that includes APPLE PICKING! GET EXCITED!

***update, 1am***

Just bought this pair…


Yay!!! I expect them in the mail soon!




4 responses

12 10 2009

Marj & I LOVE Scrabble. Our Grandma gave us Scrabble tile earrings with our initials. We made her a bracelet with hers =).

16 10 2009

congrats on your first sweater guard! i love the leaves, but you should totally get a scrabble one (with your initials, or rs…whatever) hahahaa and im excited to hear about apple picking! miss you!

16 10 2009

just finished reading catching fire – i felt like it could have been twice as long and still awesome, not as awesome as hunger games but still really good! thanks for letting me know about them through your blog!

also – apple picking??? how was it? i was supposed to go yesterday but plans and people fell through – maybe next weekend….

8 11 2009

I love Emma’s style too!! I actually made a sweater guard like her owl one after I saw it! I’ve got it posted on my etsy site.

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