thank you laurie halse anderson

4 08 2009

(for many things, the least of which is my email address from high school: soursugar
which is from a line in Speak)

So today I noticed that Laurie Halse Anderson is doing this BEDA (blog every day in AUGUST) thing, except she’s calling it something different, as you are only supposed to write for fifteen minutes and she’s including prompts. PROMPTS! Like for writing! What fun.

I’ll try this out. We’ll see how long this lasts.

Today’s prompt (from Laurie’s blog): Describe your writing space. Focus on the smallest details possible, not the big ones. Don’t say there is a chair in the room; give details about the wear patterns of the rug under the chair, or the paint chips, or the dog hair in the cushion. Go small to tell big.

HAHAHAHA. My writing space? Oh Laurie Halse Anderson. You crack me up. And not just because you have three names and I’m envious. My writing space is also my eating space, and my reading space, and my television space, and my movie space… basically it’s my everything space. To sum up: I have one table. And one chair.

Wow I already violated the first rule. “Don’t say there is a chair in the room-” DAMN IT. Well… actually, maybe I didn’t because I didn’t specify that the chair was IN THE ROOM. It’s actually not. Little known fact, but in New Jersey, we are actually short on gravity. Seriously. It’s MAJOR annoying. Every month we have to pay a gravity bill, otherwise our possessions just start floating about. This wouldn’t really be a problem in and of itself, because I hear those astronauts get a HELL of a good night’s sleep out there in space. Can’t you picture it? The floating around and all that, I mean. It would be oh so soothing! But unfortunately… living without gravity has it’s downfalls. Like sometimes our chairs float out the window.

Seeing as we only have one chair per person in this lovely place I call home, this is MAJOR inconvenient. (I apologize for the excessive use of the word “major” in this post. I watch too much Zenon. Although she would say “inconvenient MAJOR.”) So we always try to pay the bill on time. But just in case we don’t, we keep our chairs in the closet at all times. And as we learned from Sorcerer’s Stone, a closet is not a real room, therefore, THE CHAIR IS NOT IN THE ROOM. HEY-O!

Okay fine, I don’t have a writing space. Wait! I got one! My writing space isn’t a PHYSICAL SPACE, IT’S A SPACE IN MY MIND! HA!

No. That’s lame. And I kind of feel like a tool.

FIFTEEN MINUTES! Ugh. I give up on this writing challenge, Laurie Halse Anderson. Better luck tomorrow. Ask me about ice cream. I am a PROFESSIONAL at ice cream.




4 responses

5 08 2009

hahah summer this cracked me up!
i hope this lasts all month!

5 08 2009

I hear that lack of gravity is murder on your circulation as well as your bone density.

Summer, if your writing is ever published in any form I will SO read it and buy copies for my friends. Just so ya know. You make me laugh.

5 08 2009

hahahah gravity bill, xenon, hunger games.
you are awesome!

p.s. I just reached the first alliance katniss makes and I’m loving this book!

18 09 2009

Sorry for being stalkerish… but if you ever did publish anything, I would totally buy it. I love your writing style.

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