all because there was a boy… who lived

21 07 2009

So pretty much by the time I posted that last post, I had decided to cut my hair. Pro / con lists really do work, it seems. Rory Gilmore was on to something. And if I hadn’t decided yet, Juli’s comment pushed me over the edge, HAIRCUT HERE I COME!

But today’s post isn’t going to be about my hair.

Or Gossip Girl.

Or the fact that my roommate finally comes back today and I can stop eating ramen three meals a day.

This post is about a boy who one day discovered that he was a wizard.

Every time HP season comes about (that is, when a new movie comes out, or a book is released, or it’s July 31st and I’m celebrating Harry / Jo Rowling’s birthday with pumpkin pasties and a bad British accent), it’s like all the douchebags of the world come out of the woodwork. Almost everyone who’s facebook status was about the HP midnight screening had at least one commenter making a douchey comment like “wow, still watching children’s movies, dork?” or some shit like that. Of course, I never get any of those because… please… they’d have a black eye by now, but it’s still annoying to me that it’s what, 10 years later and people are STILL being made fun of for loving Harry?


And you people who look down on midnight screenings. You’ve clearly never been to one. It’s kind of like this article I read about how “today’s women are faceless because they choose to put photos of their children on their facebook profiles instead of photos of themselves.” The article went on to make comments about “where has feminism gone?” blah blah blah, and one of the comments read: “Cute article. But it’s apparent that you’ve never been a mother.” Going to a midnight screening is like that.

Wow. That’s got to be the worst metaphor in the history of time. Hold on, let me explain myself:

Going to a midnight screening is not about seeing the movie before everyone else. I mean, it’s about that a little. But mostly it’s about those hours when you are waiting outside in line. And those 30 minutes when you are in the theater waiting for it to start. And when the whole theater counts down to midnight (or in my case, 12:40… damn Union Square).

You can feel the Harry Potter fandom when you are in those theaters at midnight. It’s like the difference between being AT the football stadium, and watching at home. Everyone breaks out into applause when that giant WB comes into focus, and we all get teary when Hedwig’s theme starts playing. Everyone remembers reading Half Blood Prince for the first time. It is so unlike any other experience I’ve had. It’s amazing. It’s not just watching a movie in the middle of the night. It’s so much more than that. There are so few things that people get unironically excited about. One of them is the boy wizard. I love it.

And it’s even better when the movie’s actually amazing. Oh sweet lord Draco Malfoy.




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23 07 2009

My heart really goes out to people who just don’t get it.

And yeah, Felton busted out his chops for this one.

Also, Broadbent’s made me a Slug Club wannabe.

29 07 2009

So I went to the bar across from the theaters before the midnight showing (seeing as how this is the first midnight showing I’ve been to since I turned 21 and it seemed like a fabulous idea!) It was a fabulous idea! I only got slightly tipsy and happy haha .. but we were the only people at the bar (actually a bar inside a restaurant) and there were like 6 of us.. and the bartender had nothing to do so was talking to us..

He totally made me a shot called the ‘golden snitch!’ it was awesome. goldschlager and something else but he made it up and it was exciting! also when I told my friend this–she misunderstood and thought I went to a harry potter bar – how epic would that be???

anyways.. thought you would enjoy that story and also the fact that I just got The Hunger Games! I’m only 2 chapters in but definitely enjoying it so far! I’ve tried to get it at the library a few times and they never had it so I finally just put it on hold which I should have done a while ago and just picked it up yesterday!

sooo.. done leaving super long comment – hope you’re doing well and will blog more soon!

14 09 2009
katie O

I loved this post! I hate that so many people continue to think that it is cool to make fun of me for my harry potter fangirling (is fangirl ever used as a verb?). Reading this blog also reminded me of the Finding Hogwarts trailer 🙂

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