in a weird mood today

19 07 2009

I’m in a weird mood today.

So instead of trying to explain an unexplainable mood… I’m going to ask you all a question.


ignore the messy room

That is what my hair looks like right now.

ignore the awkward expression

This is what my hair looked like last summer. Yeah, my hair grows really fast. And we’re not doing that cut again because the top was so short it was almost scene. I do not want a mullet, thank you.


1. Cheaper, as I don’t have to do anything.
2. All of it can go back in a ponytail easily, so no need for bobby pins or clips.
3. I can just let it air dry on the walk to work and it looks fine, meaning more time for sleep.
4. It reminds me of my hula days, which is a good thing.
5. I have a whole princess / victorian age / lotr style love of long hair.


1. The ends are really looking (more than) a bit ragged.
2. It makes me look like I’m younger than I am.
3. Long hair + “Summer” + Hawaii = Such a stereotype…
4. I sometimes feel really old fashioned.
5. Every time I see someone with a cute haircut I get SO ENVIOUS IT’S INSANE.


1. Look more styled and like I care what I look like.
2. Hair will be healthier.
3. Possibly look older?
4. Trendier, more with it. Less Luna Lovegood, more normal person.
5. My hair grows really quickly, so I can always grow it out again.


1. Will take time to blow dry in the morning, and when I inevitably wash and wear it, it’ll look like crap.
2. Will cost money.
3. Will take time and effort to find a stylist.
4. Every time I see someone with long hair, watch Gossip Girl, watch a meekakitty video, or see this picture of Maggy Rogow, I will wish I hadn’t cut it:
Her hair is so gorgeous.

I LOVE MAGGY (and especially her hair).

Ughhhhh… Basically when I have short hair I want long hair and when I have long hair I want short hair. It’s a vicious cycle. Okay, it’s not really even a cycle. It’s just me being fickle.

And if I cut it, HOW should I cut it?

1. Jayma Mays

2. Lauren Conrad

3. Sarah Chalke (I know this picture is awkward but I like her hair.)

4. Taylor Momsen (The irony of using a Taylor Momsen hair photo is not lost on me, as we all know her current hair looks like something the cat dragged in.)

5. Kristin Cavallari (I have a full-on love affair with her hair during Laguna Beach. Seriously. I brought her photo in to my hairdresser once and it turned out not like hers, but maybe I can try again?)

It’s so sad how much of my mental energy is being devoted to my hair as of late. HELP ME.



2 responses

20 07 2009

Oh yeah. Cut it. And soon. I realize there’s a bit of effort and moolah involved, but do it anyway. Nothing like a good haircut to make you feel sassy and look like you actually make an effort once in a while (from my personal experience).

I can totally see you with styles 2, 4, and 5. (Sorry, the Sarah Chalke pic is too hard to work around). I think 5 is my favorite–but it could just be that the facial expression gives it that something extra….

Big decision. Good luck. Post pics.

23 07 2009
Auntie Becca

To cut or not to cut? So now you’ve made your decision.

What I notice is that none of these girls are hapa like you–blondes and a redhead. Their hair probably doesn’t have the same texture as yours either. Could be the reason your haircut didn’t turn out like Kristin Cavallari.

My experience has taught me that rather than photos of models in magazines, if you see someone (even a complete stranger on the PATH train) who looks like she might have the same kind of hair as you AND you like her haircut, BE BRAVE and ask where she gets her hair done. It’s not as hard as it sounds because clearly you are giving a compliment. (This could also solve your problem about locating a trustworthy hairdresser.) Best wishes.

And definitely post the pics!

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