best. week. ever.

4 06 2009

So I know I just had my crazy exciting BEA post, but I have MORE GOOD NEWS.

1. I got an internship at a literary agency! It’s two times a week, and I’ll probably be reading some query letters and manuscripts(!) But most of all, just experiencing life at a literary agency. This is such a great opportunity for me and I’m really excited. My friend Jessica interned there for the past few months, and when she was leaving, she recommended me! THANKS JESS! Anyway, I start on Monday!

2. I got a job at a bookstore! It’s part-time, but I’ll be working in the children’s section, which is great, since that’s the kind of publishing I’m interested in, and I’ll be able to see on the bookstore level what sells and what doesn’t! Even just walking through for the first time today, I thought, man I know this YA section like the back of my hand! So hopefully I can be an asset there. I think I’ll be good at selling books. I guess we’ll see.

Yay!!! Such a good week, guys!




8 responses

4 06 2009

HOORAY!!!! You really are having a fabulous week! I’m so glad =).

5 06 2009
Ana from far away!

awesome! congratulations!

6 06 2009
Auntie Becca

Yea, Summer! So now you need to change your “who am I”
Lots of amazing things are happening to you. Loved your #BEA blog. (what’s the # for?).

19 06 2009

Yea Summer!! So happy for you. What agency are you interning at? My nephew’s girlfriend is a literary agent. She told my neice a good starting job is an assistant. Keep your eyes open for that while you are there ; -)))

26 06 2009

Yay! I’m so happy you got a publishing job. It’s great. I just thought of you because I saw the previews for (500) Days of Summer. LOL

4 07 2009

Okay, here’s the plan. You do really freaking well in your internship, make them hire you full-on, move up the ladder, take the publishing world by storm, become an editor, and publish my books. I like this plan. Oh yes.

But, really, good for you! That’s so exciting!!!

20 07 2009

congrats! new jobs are so fun! I should get one 🙂

20 07 2009

clarification : a new job.. not a job at all.. I deliver sandwiches and I love it.. but you know.. a bookstore job would be made of so much more awesome! no doubt!

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