i really do have such a girlcrush

20 05 2009

on Zooey Deschanel.

How on earth does she make even the stupidest commercials amazing? And yes, that is her singing! I LOVE HER.




3 responses

22 05 2009

so i knew i recognized her – so I of course IMDB’d that shit – she’s in weeds! good show 🙂 and im guessing the 500 days of summer thing is based off that movie shes in? never heard of it – i’m guessing you would recommend it or do you just like zooey? who happens to be the sister of emily deshanel – BONES! i love that show !

24 05 2009

have you seen “Yes Man!”? we rented it the other night and zooey was great, papa jim really liked her.

25 05 2009

I love her too…I really can’t wait to see (500) Days of Summer.

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