beda day #29: the penultimate peril

30 04 2009

This post has nothing to do with the Series of Unfortunate Events book of the same name, but I LOVE the word penultimate and I do not get to use it often. As this is my second to last post of BEDA, it seemed like a good time.


1. Balloons. Now I’m not afraid of them like I think they have minds of their own, or that they are going to follow me home or anything. I just hate when they pop. A lot. This hatred of them popping has turned into a legitimate fear of balloons. I avoid them at ALL costs. You know those huge balloon arches? I never go through them. I try to look away from the balloons and count to ten if they are just sitting there tied to a railing or something, but if they are… I can barely even type it… taped to something or a child is holding it…. well then get out of my way because I’m going to run as far away as I can. I was going to embed a picture of balloons here, but I honestly can’t even bring myself to do a google search. Bleghhh… shiver. Oddly enough, I really want to see the new Pixar movie “UP!” but I’ll probably have to have someone see it before me and tell me if the balloons pop. I can handle them carrying a house as long as I know they don’t pop.

2. Flying Cockroaches. Cockroaches are fine when they are on the ground, but once they start flying, OH HELL NO. Once, when I was sixteen, I was getting dressed when a cockroach flew onto the back of the dress I was wearing. I just screamed and starting crying but it wouldn’t fly off, and I couldn’t really see it that well. It was horrible. I still have nightmares about that.

3. Alzheimer’s Disease or Having My Memory Altered Eternal-Sunshine-Style. This absolutely terrifies me. I would rather lose my hearing, sight, and both my legs than lose my memories. I’m serious. In high school, they told us that smoking weed could possibly lead to memory loss. I’m fairly certain that ISN’T EVEN TRUE, but it did successfully keep me away from it forever. I’ve never once blacked out while drinking (as in forgotten parts of the night), and I’m pretty sure if I ever do, it’ll be the last time I ever drink. I’m that terrified of losing my memory. You know how some people “drink to forget”? I can’t even fathom that thought. My entire consciousness is devoted to CONSTANTLY NOT FORGETTING. If I no longer remember who I am, I’m not entirely sure I would exist. In fact, I know I wouldn’t.

Ugh. I guess that’s the end of that post! I have a PRETTY EPIC LAST BEDA POST PLANNED, so GET EXCITED!



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30 04 2009

flying cockroach. I. Would. Die.

30 04 2009

Oh. My. Goodness. Swap balloons for *gulp. shudder* achilles tendons and you & I have identical fears.

Can’t handle flying cockroaches–Jeff was super sick one night and we had one in the house. I cried myself silly and screamed while trying to spray it with 2 different bug sprays simultaneously from across the room.

Losing my memory–I am a photo junkie because they prove something really happened. If I don’t have a picture of something I won’t remember it, and this freaks me out. Big time. I’m way too young to be forgetting events and experiences and I’m totally panicked that I’m already losing my memory. Okay, I want to cry now.

And the achilles tendon thing–my hands go numb every time I type it, by the way–just do yourself a favor and don’t ever get too close to my heels. More than one fool has come away bruised and bitten.

I’m also afraid of water that I can’t see the bottom of. I have very legitimate reasons.

30 04 2009

I followed this path to find you:

Got the email issue of School Library Journal with your totally awesome video. I agree The Hunger Games needs to win.

Watched the video, checked out your youtube channel, saw the blog.


Have a great day!

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