beda day #28: television update!

29 04 2009

So in this post, I discussed a little about the tv shows I like. I think it’s time for an update (this is filled with spoilers, btw):

1. The Amazing Race:
So the little brothers are finally gone, thank GOD. Tammy using her Chinese to get the other teams seated in the back of the plane… GENIUS! And the first time they’ve used Chinese where it didn’t just annoy me. Last week Tammy and Victor just blabbered on in Mandarin forever, for no apparent reason except to make the other teams think they were getting extra information. For instance, in the calligraphy challenge (where… I’m sorry, JEN AND KEISHA’S characters were so much nicer than yours, Tammy!), they kept saying “you write and we copy” over and over again. Um… DUH. I think I want Jamie and Cara to win.

The Redheads

The Redheads

Yeah, they yell at people, but they are quite funny, and remember that one time the little brothers called them and they pretended to be the airline? PRICELESS. Plus, the fact that they were CRYING when they thought they were first to the pit-stop was heartwarming/hilarious! I WAS SO HAPPY. And then they get handed another envelope and are told to keep racing? OMG SUSPENSE! Ahh I’m so excited for next week.

2. America’s Next Top Model:
So… when Jay announced what they were doing for the photoshoot… invoking the sexy Carmen Miranda, my roommate and I both said “Oh. No. Allison!” Because we all know that girl cannot do sexy. Even when Jay said “Haven’t you ever looked across a room and said ‘oh boy, are you noticing me?'” Allison stared at him blankly. And then Jay goes on to say “Probably not.” LOL! But DAMN! SHE ROCKED THAT PHOTOSHOOT!



And yeah, as you can see from my caption. SHE GOT FIRST CALL OUT! Allison FTW!

3. Gossip Girl:
I only have one thing to say about this episode. There is no way, no how, not in this world or any other one, under no circumstance would Chuck Bass play basketball.

Is this a joke?

Is this a joke?

I know he’s wearing velour and that almost makes up for it, but no. Not at all. That ball has bounced on the ground. The dirty ground. Outside. On an outside court. Remember back when the world made sense and Chuck played squash and had sex?



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