beda day #26: bringing may flowers

27 04 2009

a tad early.

So remember when I said the other day I nearly cried seeing tulips? Well I saw some more. And instead of crying… because that would be awkward for everyone, I took a picture of them.

Who needs a burger?

Who needs a burger?

These tulips were in Madison Square Park, where the roommate and I got frozen custard at Shake Shack to try to beat the sudden heat. Where did it come from? The weather seriously jumped from the teens to the 30s instantly, with NO time at all in the glorious 20s we all know and love (Celcius, kids – learn it). This is not in my approval matrix.

More flowers for you!

More flowers for you!

Speaking of frozen custard… guess what flavor we got? The flavor of the day, which was SPRING FEVER! We took bets on what it was taste like, I thought it would taste like rainbow sherbet, the roommate thought it would taste like grass (which I seriously doubted), but we ended up asking so as not to be stuck licking wheatgrass flavored green goop in the middle of the day. So it happens that Spring Fever = Passion fruit, Orange, and Guava. Yeah, that’s right folks, I had POG flavored frozen custard in the middle of NYC.

Me and teh flowerz.

Me and teh flowerz.

It looks like I cut my hair, there. But I didn’t. It’s still long. Also, I have to admit, I’ll be right sad when this BEDA thing is over. It’s been a good (albeit crazy) month.




3 responses

27 04 2009

frozen custard?! POG flavored frozen custard!?! thats awesome!

ahh and beda is almost over! sadness!

28 04 2009

so purty

22 08 2009

You have posted wonderful picture of flowers that made me bloom here for a very long time. Nice blog.

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