beda day #23: yes, and now i’m finally up-to-date

23 04 2009

So I missed a BEDA post a while back, and that means on one of these days, I have to post 2 blogs. That day is today.

But first, LOOK! A bunny!



Fun fact: The roommate and I bought egg dye stuff AGES ago, and haven’t yet dyed eggs.

I am still reading the first Octavian Nothing. I know, I need to step it up, but I’m trying to read that plus get a job plus clean the apartment, so it’s all a bit overwhelming. Every review I read says that this book is worth my effort, though, so I WILL get through it!

For anyone new, click the “Book List” on the top of the page, to see a list of the books I have read this year. I’m again trying to do the 50-books-in-a-year challenge. We’ll see if I make it this time!

On the Battle of the Books front, Graceling was kicked out by The Lincolns! Wow! I see that as an upset, but apparently Nancy Werlin (the judge) claims it was no contest. Interesting. Hopefully Chris Crutcher deems Abe and Mary inferior to THE HUNGER GAMES, as they’ll be facing off in the next round.

So the Books still in the battle are:
Octavian Nothing 2 vs. Chains
The Hunger Games vs. The Lincolns

Of those I have read… The Hunger Games. Crap. I guess I’m not doing so well. The books I read keep getting knocked out yo! I never finished Tender Morsels, as I was reading it in B&N and then it got beat by Chains, but I was LOVING it, so I might buy it or will eventually finish it. And once I get through Octavian Nothing 1 I can move on to Octavian Nothing 2! Ah, well. I guess we’ll see who makes it in that round. If Chains wins that round and I have to read yet ANOTHER book, I think I will scream.



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