beda day #22: wait, you actually want a life update?

23 04 2009

okay… fine.

So… you guys are probably wondering what I am doing here on the east coast if I’m from Hawaii. And the answer is, yeah, I have no idea what I’m doing here. No, I’m just kidding. There are MANY REASONS WHY I AM HERE!

(for those of you who just started reading because of BEDA, here’s a little something to help you catch up)

1. In May of 2008 I graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles with a degree in English and Comp Lit, and a minor in Chinese. I had no idea what I wanted to do with said degree. I asked a bunch of people, most of which said “English Teacher, obvs” and to whom I said “Ew no, I gave my English teachers so much hell in high school, and so I KNOW karma would come and bite me in the ass.” Because it totally would. But one person suggested publishing, of which I knew absolutely nothing about, except for like, what they show you in The Devil Wears Prada (wait, that WASN’T a documentary?).

2. I went to the University of Denver’s Publishing Institute that summer to LEARN HOW TO BE A PUBLISHER! If anyone is considering that program, I would still recommend it, regardless of the fact that I am still unemployed because all my friends I met there already have jobs (yeah, I’m not bitter)! I’m sure that people with connections would be able to be successful in the field without going to an institute, but for someone like me who knew literally NO ONE with the job I wanted, and NO ONE in NYC, it was amazing. I met so many people with many different experiences, and it kind of opened up my idea of what a publishing house did. I left there realizing that I really wanted to be involved in the marketing / publicity / sales side, and NOT the editorial side (even though I was decent during the workshops, it’s just not what thrills me). And that I wanted to deal with Children’s and YA literature. (That should come as no surprise, to any of you who are following the Battle of the Books and read this blog to see how I’ve been following it like it’s March freakin’ Madness.)

SPEAKING OF THE BOOK BATTLE… HUNGER GAMES MADE IT TO ROUND 3! THANK YOU JOHN GREEN! Yes. I’m so happy. If I haven’t sold you on The Hunger Games by now, I can only guess that it is not your type of book at all, and I’ll have to tell you to read anything by John Green (except those coloring books, as he didn’t write those) as a thank you for him picking THE HUNGER GAMES over We Are the Ship! HOO HA!

below is a huge <digression>. just warning you.
(I was reading something about book blogs recently, and a bookseller was complaining that book bloggers always link to Amazon whenever they talk about a book, and never to Indie Bound [an independent bookstore aggregator-type thing – except aggregator isn’t the right word, basically you type in a book, and it tells you the nearest indie bookstore where you can buy it], and to that I say… um, there aren’t independent bookstores in Hawaii. I just tried it out for The Hunger Games using my home zip code, and it told me to fly to California. Thanks. Very helpful.)

Plus, for anyone who lives in Hawaii… the 25+ dollar free shipping Amazon has is an absolute GOD SEND. Anyone from the rock in the middle of the ocean knows that shipping fees are this nasty thing that creeps up on you all the damn time, the same way Metro North schedules ruled ruined my life when I lived in Westchester.

FOR EXAMPLE: For my parents’ birthdays this year, my brother and I tried to buy them a gazing ball and a gazing ball stand:

That was not the stand we had in mind, but you get the idea.

That was not the stand we had in mind, but you get the idea.

And after we bought both items, the companies contacted us personally and told us that “because we are shipping to Hawaii, we are going to need to charge you an additional 40 dollars for shipping.” Not. Cool. That’s on TOP of the 20 dollar shipping we were already paying. The damn ball only cost like 30 bucks. I’m not going to spend 60 dollars to ship a 30 dollar ball to another U.S. STATE. SERIOUSLY?

okay. it’s over. back to the point. </digression>

3. So I moved to NYC to become a publisher! And everything worked out perfectly! RIGHT? No. Apparently the economy was like “Hey Summer! F*CK YOU!” and decided that now was as good a time as any to absolutely go down the crapper. Love. ly. Publishing houses were laying off people like crazy, and it’s just NOT a good time to be a recent college graduate. But I haven’t given up yet! I’m still trying and trying and trying and going on interviews and sucking up to people and sleeping in and eating fast food and spending my days on youtube and WAIT, this all doesn’t sound too bad! Well, I guess because it isn’t. I’m living in an amazing city with seriously fascinating weather (I’d tell you about last week when I saw planted tulips blooming for the first time and almost cried, but that’s a different story for a different time), with one of my best friends, and I’m still right at the beginning of the rest of my life! That might all sound really weird and strangely optimistic, but I really do feel like things will work themselves out eventually, and in the meantime I’ll keep trying to find the silver lining in being unemployed and broke in the most expensive city in the United States!

Hey, I might not have a television, but I have YouTube.

I’m unemployed, but the Apple Store on 5th is open 24 hours!

I’m eating ramen for lunch, but RAMEN IS EFFING AMAZING!

I don’t have a job, but LIBRARIANS LOVE ME!

See? It’s not that bad!




One response

24 04 2009

i love this post!!!
Good luck, sum! Glad to see you’re so upbeat about everything. Your post makes me feel better.

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