beda day #19: just a little muskrat blood

20 04 2009

“Contestant No. 1 sashayed down the catwalk, her hair bouncing in blonde curls, and smiled a radiant beauty-queen smile. She picked up a furry dead rodent about the size of a football.
Then she took out a very sharp 4-inch blade and stuck the point in just above the animal’s tail.”

This is Dakota Abbott:

My new hero.

My new hero.

Beauty Queen and Expert Muskrat Skinner

While Dakota is pictured, the quotes above and below are in reference to another girl, Samantha Phillips, who not only competed in both the Beauty Contest and the Muskrat Skinning contest, but decided to skin another muskrat for the talent portion of the beauty contest (Dakota sang instead). The article about these two girls is AMAZING, and I’ll just link it here, along with providing you with some of my favorite quotes:

“The competition started with the dance number, then an onstage interview of each contestant.
Then it was time for talent. Phillips changed out of the beige suit she’d worn for the interview and came out in hip waders, a plaid shirt and jeans. Trapper’s clothes.
‘I’m going to show you how to get a muskrat from his house to yours,’ she said. The crowd, estimated at more than 700 people, buzzed. The judges recoiled. She proceeded.
Screams and applause. Phillips went to scrub her hands and the next contestant came out to play Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” on the piano.”

“She took her turn on the catwalk, waving to the crowd in a glamorous, shimmering black evening gown.
There was still a little muskrat blood under her nails.”




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20 04 2009


21 04 2009

omg! now that is a beauty pageant i would love to see!

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