beda day #18: i miss rory gilmore

19 04 2009

The other day I mentioned that I went to the Perfect Fifths by Megan McCafferty book signing, I didn’t mention a couple of things that are probably important.

1. I didn’t buy Perfect Fifths.
2. I haven’t read Fourth Comings.
3. I hated Charmed Thirds.

I basically went to the signing to go with my friend and because I love book signings, but not for Jessica Darling herself. However, Megan McCafferty was SO awesome and hilarious at the signing, that I’m seriously considering giving Fourth Comings and now Perfect Fifths a chance. So keep that in mind while reading this. I will read the last two and I LOVED the first two. It’s just Charmed Thirds that makes me want to take an eye out.

During the signing, Megan mentioned that she got a lot of flack from readers of Charmed Thirds because it occurs in college and Jessica “turns into a slut.” While I can understand why younger readers would be really shocked and maybe even disturbed by that, her sluttyness is not what turned me off. It was the fact that she “turned into a douchebag.” Seriously.

The reason I titled this post with “I miss Rory Gilmore” is because I can see the similarities. I totally get that people grow up and change when they get to college. Rory slept with a MARRIED MAN (okay, her first boyfriend, Dean, but he was MARRIED!) for chrissakes. But it made sense when it was Rory. Because she was making mistakes and learning from them, trying to succeed at everything and then dropping out of college for a semester. It was heartbreaking and at times it didn’t seem like Rory, but she was growing up and changing, and sometimes she screwed up.

Jessica Darling, on the other hand, didn’t change at all. In high school she thought she was the lone intellectual in a sea of assembly-line meatballers and blonde bimbos, but I mean… yeah. Everyone feels like that in high school. That’s why we all read Catcher in the Rye and fell in love with Holden Caulfield. Or, more apt: THAT’S WHY WE ALL READ SLOPPY FIRSTS AND FELL IN LOVE WITH MARCUS FLUTIE. But still, by the end of Second Helpings, I was getting the feeling that Jessica realized that there was a lot about Pineville and people in it that surprised her (Bridget, for one) and that she was wrong about a lot of it. And then she went to college.

AND THE SAME DAMN THING HAPPENED. She acted like she was the only person with any wit or intellect at her college. AND SHE WENT TO FREAKIN COLUMBIA. She made absolutely no real friends, judged everyone, and (it appeared she) made absolutely no attempt to learn anything of value (ALL FOUR YEARS, btw). In general, she was kind of a jerk to everyone, in that angst-y, melodramatic teenager way, except she’s not a teenager anymore. It just seemed… off. I wanted to punch her in the face.

Ugh. But seriously, Megan totally won me over during the signing, and I’m going to borrow my friend’s copy of both Fourth Comings and Perfect Fifths, so I’m hoping Jessica gets better.

But I still miss Rory Gilmore.

Blair Waldorf gave you a shoutout a couple of months ago, but it's not nearly enough!

Blair Waldorf gave you a shoutout a couple of months ago, but it's not nearly enough!

Edit: Wait… Alexis Bledel’s next movie is…

Wow. Could this be more aptly timed?

Wow. Could this be more aptly timed?

POST-GRAD SURVIVAL GUIDE! I love how she still looks 19. This summer is going to the be the BEST MOVIE SUMMER EVER!



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19 04 2009

I wanna see that movie. That’s how I feel

30 10 2009

I miss Rory Gilmore too!

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