beda day #15: if i had known i’d be linked on slj

15 04 2009

I’d have made sure my last post wasn’t a rant about Edward Cullen.


So today was pretty much, the most amazing day ever. Remember that HSM3/book related music video my roommate and I made? Well we commented about it on the School Library Journal’s Battle of the Books blog because we figured that they of all people would understand it, and would probably get a kick out of it. Then the next day we see…

THEY DID AN ENTIRE POST ON US! It was so exciting my roommate called me from work to tell me and I almost started jumping up and down.

People who would be able to appreciate the references in the video were watching it! We received so many nice comments on their site, on this blog, and on youtube that I want to share some of the ones that I’m going to have printed out and framed on my wall where I should be hanging my pretty Bachelor’s Degree.

    “Anytime I need a reminder as to why I love my job, I’m going to watch this!”
    “This was so clever! And such a huge amount of work–somebody give those young ladies a full scholarship to library school!”

About that one… I hope she’s serious. Because I’m a unemployed college graduate who could really use that. No joke.

    “Awesomeness Squared! You guys are terrific :-)”
    “Dang, you guys are officially celebrities among librarians!”


Other people who posted our video on their blogs include: WORD: The Official Blog Of READ Magazine and Educating Alice. THANK YOU GUYS!


And if that’d weren’t enough, later today I noticed…

I'm glad my first appearance on School Library Journal is of me sitting at my computer.

I'm glad my first appearance on School Library Journal is of me sitting at my computer.

WE (or I, technically) AM ON THE SJL HOMEPAGE! OMG. MADE MY LIFE. Plus, they referred to us as the “Everdeen Sisters.” YES.

Now if only someone in the children’s book industry would just hire me. Please? Pretty please? Or send a nice letter to the HarperCollins childrens’ marketing department asking them to consider the application I sent in on Monday?




6 responses

15 04 2009

that is so awesome summer! im so happy for you!!!

15 04 2009

No worries about the Edward Cullen rant – lots of librarians are with you on that one, sista! Not to mention that there’s nothing we love more than someone with a strong opinion about books!

15 04 2009

congrats! That is so awesome

15 04 2009

That is quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever heard! Congrats!
Wow, I’m related to somebody famous!! 😉

16 04 2009

I don’t have you email address, but you won Bookmark Bribery this week at Korianne Speaks! Please email me your address so I can get your handmade bookmark out to you. Thanks!


19 04 2009
katie O

yay….that was such an awesome video. I am glad that other people enjoyed it as much as I did!

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