beda day #14: yesterday i thought my hearing was going

14 04 2009

but really my left headphone died.

In today’s installment on BEDA, I’m going to talk about Edward Cullen.

People seem to either:

Love him
Hate him because he give unrealistic expectations of love to teenage girls and this is a BAD BAD THING

Today I am pissed off because people apparently have decided that those who read Twilight should not be taken seriously at all. The thing that I don’t get is everyone going around saying that Edward watching her sleep and climbing her her room at night is creepy. This is fine, and kind of true. BUT THEN they will go on to say that girls who love Edward Cullen are deranged because they are promoting voyeurism, and that they clearly will all go on to be in controlling and possibly abusive relationships.

Um. OKAY WTF. This pisses me off. Because I have a crush on Edward Cullen I want to be stalked? THIS IS OBVIOUSLY NOT TRUE. I mean, yes, I have a twitter, and a blog, and a dailybooth, and a youtube, and a facebook, and a myspace, but I don’t actually want to be stalked. I don’t understand why all of a sudden people think that girls cannot distinguish between a real person and a character. This is not saying that people do not wish that these characters are real, so much so that they might actually dream about them, write to them, act as if they are real, etc. I am not saying that this is bad or good, I am saying that this DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY WILL GO FOR SOMEONE WITH EDWARD’S CHARACTERISTICS WHO IS NOT EDWARD. Does this make sense?

Sure, girls may say they want Edward to bite them, but if some random ass guy really came up to them and bit them on the arm, don’t you think they would freak the shit out? They may say “Edward could keep me away from my friends/watch me sleep/sneak into my house before we’ve officially met ANYTIME” but obviously if someone in their real lives actually did that to them I think they’d see a red flag. I mean, come ON give us some credit.

We can love Tuxedo Mask while realizing that some asshole who would only show up at the last second to score the winning goal and then disappear would obviously not be a catch.

We can love Trent Lane without falling in love with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR BEST FRIENDS’ BROTHERS.

get my drift?

We are in love with a fictional character, not stupid.




3 responses

14 04 2009

Word UP! That was an awesome rant!

15 04 2009

A Big Fat Amen!!

15 04 2009

Um. My problem w/ Edward is HIS codependency. That and the not-letting-Bella-see-her-friends thing.

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