beda day #13: it’s just not cute like in ratatouille

14 04 2009

There is a mouse living in our kitchen. This is bad but the only thing I keep thinking is THANK GOD IT’S NOT A RAT!

I love This is Not Tom. If you have no idea what it is… I can explain it to you best by saying it’s like an online logic puzzle that started with just some webpages, but eventually ended up as a youtube channel you subscribe to, and every Monday, a new video is uploaded to it, and you keep following the clues until you get to the “end” for that week, which contains a new chapter in the “This is Not Tom” storyline.

It starts here:

and that should “eventually” lead you to the youtube page where you will find all the new clues. If you are starting this late in the game, remember to watch the oldest youtube videos first.

There is also a forum:

that can help you if and when you get stuck on something.

Here are some basic hints for playing:
1. Check the source code.
2. Check the URL.
3. Check the title of the pictures.
4. Google, Google, Google.
5. Check the background image.
6. Download what you can and check the titles.
7. Clues are hidden everywhere!

Good Luck!




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