beda day #12: chains you’re going down like the basset hounds

13 04 2009

Sorry I’m late for BEDA today, but I guarantee you’ll forgive me. Below: the most amazing music video ever created.

Now or Never (Battle of the Books style) – Everdeen Sisters (aka me and my roommate)

Quite possibly the most amazing thing we have ever created. We swear, this is in jest! We love all (or most) of the books in this battle and we are excited to see what happens. We just think Katniss deserves to win.

(yes, we used the song Now or Never from HSM3)

If our voices sound weird, it’s probably because we abused the “tuning help” option in garageband. Also, no books were harmed in the making of this video. 😉


Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen books left
Got to choose just one!
Sixteen, sixteen
Sixteen more books
Get ready, game on!
Sixteen, sixteen
Sixteen books left
it’s time to shine!
Sixteen, sixteen
Sixteen more books
put it on the line!
Sixteen, sixteen
Sixteen books left
Until it’s done!
Sixteen, sixteen
Sixteen more books
Wholl be number one?

Hunger Games!

Take it to the Hob now
Porcupine meat sells!
And the canon fires

Round one! Down! Yeah!

And then it gets harder (Katniss)
Got to get to round four (To win)
Cause we know were the best book!
(Come on John! Come on John! Come on!)

A girl hugging a bear
Is nothing to compare
And Arthur you will lie here
Because of us (Let’s kill!)

So why do we want to win?
P-R-I-M Prim!
Chains youre going down like
The Basset Hounds

This is the last time
To get it right!
This is the last chance
To make it or not!
You’ll be
The Giver of happiness (Yeah!)
Lois Lowry!
This is the last chance
To wish on Stars
Soon the only book
Left is ours!
This is the last fight
So make it count

It’s Now or Never!

That’s what
You’re going to do!
When we
Stomp all over you!
F-L-B, hey
You’re pretty great to me!
The odds are
Never in!

Lincolns don’t mean to hate
Didn’t you win in ’88 (Newbery!)
And both of you Sams now
Youre going down (3x)

Nation! (Hair ribbons & rainbows)
Katniss thinks that you are (Useless!)
Suzanne can do it better!

Washington this is
One battle you can’t win! (Thats right)
Kingdom on the Waves and
We are the Ship (Strike three!)

So why do we want to win?
P-R-I-M Prim!
Chains youre going down like
The Basset Hounds


It’s 12 Forever!

Katsa you can hardly see
Oooh, because one eye’s blue & the other green
The real cats are Underneath
And the best
of the best
Ends with N-I-S-S

Katniss! Go kill it up!
Yo Katniss! Yeah youre number one!
Hey Katniss! Youre the champion!
What! (5x)
Hey Graveyard Book
You’re getting a second look
Had your time, Denver ’09
Let me hear you say
A-L-A Hey Hey!

Chorus 2x

If you actually get half of the references here, I’ll love you forever.




8 responses

13 04 2009


Quite possibly the greatest thing created EVER!

That was awesome! How did you guys do that? Wow. I started Hunger Games but then I had to return it to the library. But I was sad about it.

You guys… I hope Suzanne Collins sees that. You will totally make her life. Great job!

14 04 2009

Amazing, amazing, amazing! (I’m 50% of the BoB Battle Commander)

14 04 2009
Absolutely Fabulous Video about the BoB! « educating alice

[…] out the lyrics and a bit about how the did it here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Bob Dylan Absolutely Sweet Marie Berkeley […]

14 04 2009

Dang, you guys are officially celebrities among librarians!

15 04 2009
beda day #15: if i had known i’d be linked on slj « (500) days of summer

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19 04 2009

This was a great promo for Hunger Games! I hope it wins too.

15 08 2009

I got almost all of the references… it must have taken you guys forever to write this to incorporate all that!

20 09 2010
Nominated books… « Hire me

[…] I wandered upon a simple and ENTHUSIASTIC review of how awesome The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins was and how it should win in a battle of […]

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