beda day #11: brought to you by twitter

11 04 2009

and nothing else.

Most of you know what Twitter is by now, and if you don’t, I’m basically going to sum it up by saying it’s micro-blogging, but it’s really so much more than that. One of my favorite things in the world is talking to someone who doesn’t “get” twitter and trying to explain why on earth you would want to know that your second cousin twice removed is eating at Chick-fil-A at 3pm on a Thursday afternoon, but the point is that you don’t usually follow people with such mundane updates such as that, and when you do, you usually love the person enough that it’s interesting or hilarious. Like, you might not care if the second cuz is eating, but what about your favorite musician? What if they could update you on when they are recording new albums? Such is the beauty of Twitter.



1. Celebrities can use it to say what they want about themselves. I can’t even tell you how many times a article I’ve read recently begins with “So blah-blah posted on his or her Twitter.” So the paparazzi’s going to follow you to a restaurant and take pictures? Before they can say that the guy you shared your salad with is your new boyfriend, you can twitter that you are out to lunch with your Uncle, and they can’t touch it. Or they can, but it’s a lot harder to do. Some people, like Mitchel Musso even post tons of pictures of themselves, so other people can’t do it for them. So it can function like TMZ, but it’s less intrusive since you are getting the information straight from the source.

2. If you follow people with similar interests as yourself, it can actually be a great place to get news. I follow a lot of YA authors and book publishing related twitters, and they are constantly posting links to news articles that I also find interesting. Also, people comment on current events quite a lot, and so you can also get basic information as well, just quicker. I found out via Twitter that Natasha Richardson died, when someone I followed mentioned their sadness regarding the event. Also, I always find out when new HP trailers are posted the same way!

*Recently, Felicia Day tweeted that an episode of Dollhouse she was in wouldn’t be airing, and it sparked a chain reaction where people were questioning the fate of the show, how many more episodes would be airing, etc. (If you care, apparently she was in the 13th “bonus” episode that isn’t necessarily within the arc of the current season, and that episode will be released on the DVD set only.) But the only reason I looked that up in the first place was because of Felicia Day’s twitter.

3. You find out that some famous people are hilarious/real/crazy. It’s fun when stars are eating at In-N-Out or annoyed at their DVR, because OMG THEY ARE JUST LIKE US! Some non-famous people that I follow are absolutely hilarious. Their one-liners put me in a good mood whenever I check my twitter. Miley Cyrus recently tweeted lyrics to one of her own songs and it made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. YOU CAN’T GET THAT KIND OF ENTERTAINMENT JUST ANYWHERE! The next day she tweeted “I feel like Job” and “My life is so blessed” withing 3 hours of one another. I don’t think I’ve ever been as low or as high in my life as Miley is in the span of a day! But that’s why I love her!

4. Market research. Josh Schwartz can twitter search Gossip Girl while an episode is airing and get instant feedback. If he sees too many “OMG KILL MS. CARR OFF” he might get the picture that no one likes her. It’s pretty unbiased because the people tweeting about said things aren’t bothering to sign into a Gossip Girl forum, or site, or the IMDb page, so you won’t only get people who feel passionate about it, you’ll get more of the everyday viewer.

5. And last but certainly not least… stalking! Or the basic, what twitter seems to be for, reason. I like to know what movies my friends are seeing, because then I can ask them about them! If I know Taylor Swift is at Cracker Barrel in Nashville, I can hit up all four of them until I find her! The thing is, we would find out all this information anyway, but now we find out in real time, and with accurate information!


join and follow me on Twitter. You know you want to.




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13 04 2009

Twitter intimidates me. I don’t think I can do it!

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