beda day #9: i’m a 19-year-old girl, not sydney freakin’ bristow

9 04 2009

The above quote is from this week’s episode of Greek, and it’s clearly not applicable, as…

1. I’m 22 years old
2. I am Sydney freakin’ Bristow

Glad we got that settled.

So I know I’ve technically been doing this whole “blog every day April” thing, since I’ve blogged every day in April, but I feel like I haven’t really talked about things that would interest the BEDA community. See, now I promised myself I wouldn’t go changing the way I write my blogs just for this BEDA thing (um, okay, cause your style is THAT exciting? Summer, shut up), but I thought that I should do a blog that talks about something that most everyone in BEDA loves (not counting Maureen Johnson. Because that would just be an odd post, considering hardly any of it would be about her amazing books or awesome Obama campaign, but would most likely center on the youtube videos that she does with Libba Bray. Because I’ve actually used “Libba Bray, funny as a dialysis machine” entirely too often in everyday conversation), BOOKS!

Today I will be talking about one of my favorite books…

KIKI STRIKE (both book 1: Inside the Shadow City and book 2: The Empress’s Tomb) by Kirsten Miller

Kiki on the top, Ananka on the bottom.

Kiki on the top, Ananka on the bottom.

When Kiki Strike was in school, her teacher asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up.

“Dangerous” was her answer.

This series is about a group of six middle school girls (the Irregulars) who explore a underground city beneath Manhattan. Now this sounds crazy, and it is, but wonderfully so. It’s written from the point of view of Ananka Fishbein, who believes that her life was mushy-pudding boring until the day she met Kiki Strike. Each of the Irregulars has a specific skill that helps them pull off their missions, which range from rescue missions, to revenge plots, and everyday good deeds. There are disguises, inventions, and such that would obviously be impossible for anyone to pull off, especially 12-year-old girls, but it’s all so much fun that you let it go. The first two books take place in NYC, but I heard a rumor that the third one takes place in Paris! I’m so excited.

Another picture of the Kiki. And that's her VESPA! A TWELVE-YEAR-OLD WITH A VESPA! LOVE HER!

Another picture of the Kiki. And that's her VESPA! A TWELVE-YEAR-OLD WITH A VESPA! LOVE HER!

This was the image that they printed on the Kiki Strike t-shirts that they sold at the website… but apparently they are sold out. Sad.

Gah. So awesome.

… plus, she actually IS like Sydney Bristow, unlike me and Rebecca Logan.



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9 04 2009

That sounds pretty fun! Good book talk

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