beda day #8: across the universe

8 04 2009

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I have lived in some very different places.

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Then when I was 18, I decided to go away for college, to Los Angeles, California.

In my junior year of college, I spent a semester abroad in Taipei, Taiwan.

And last August I moved clear across the country to the New York City Metropolitan Area (I technically live in Jersey City).

It’s a long way. My entire family is a whole five (six during DST) time zones behind me in Hawaii. When I look at flights, the prices make me want to cry. But I’m glad I moved away. I love experiencing the real seasons for the first time, and I love all of the many opportunities that the city has to offer.

But in the spirit of moving around… here is a list of places I’ve never been to but would love to visit in my lifetime:

1. Sydney, Australia
2. New Delhi, India
3. Edinburgh, Scotland
4. Helsinki, Finland
5. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
6. Shanghai, China
7. Savannah, Georgia
8. Auckland, New Zealand
9. Anchorage, Alaska
10. Cardiff, Wales

and some places I’ve been to but would love to revisit:

1. Hong Kong
2. Tokyo, Japan
3. Vancouver, Canada
4. San Francisco, California

…mmm…. I want to go traveling so badly now!


For those of you who are like me and every day strive to become more like the legend that is Blair Waldorf, you’ll appreciate how happy this makes me.




2 responses

8 04 2009

Wow, you are totally crazy and lucky! You’ve live in LA and New York. Wow. I went to Hawaii once and it was so beautiful.

Now Taiwan! I want to go there. I need to get back overseas and backpack through Europe and also visit some more Asian countries. I only spent six days in Vietnam but I had a fantastic time. Living in Taiwan for a semester must have been so awesome.

20 05 2010
Hawaii Photo

wow..nice picture of hawaii..

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