beda day #6: i forgot, mandy doesn’t like coffee ice cream

6 04 2009
I'd give myself a cookie if I could read all those characters.

I'd give myself a cookie if I could read all those characters.

So yesterday I was thinking about this book, and about how I didn’t really like it. It’s the story about this woman growing up in less-than-desirable circumstances, and what I didn’t like about it was that the author spent a lot of time getting the reader to feel sorry for the main character, which is fine in most circumstances, but this is a story based on the author’s life. So basically she spent the whole book trying to get you to feel sorry for herSELF… and it just irked me a bit. But my roommate and I were looking her up because I mentioned that she not only wrote the book above, but she also wrote a book about her life story, except for adults. So basically she’s in love with her life story so much that she wrote about it twice.

And then… we discover that she has recently put out this book:

and yes, that's a photo of her in the little circle.

and yes, that's a photo of her in the little circle.

which is… wait for it… THE FICTIONAL SEQUEL to Chinese Cinderella.


Do people actually do this? Like write fictional sequels for their autobiographies? Isn’t that a little… weird? Like “In reality, I was in school during that time… but LET’S PRETEND I WAS INDUCTED INTO A SECRET SOCIETY SCHOOL FOR KUNG-FU ARTISTS.”

I don’t know.

Basically this has inspired me to write fictional sequels to OTHER autobiographies. So don’t be surprised if I come out with:

Miles to Go with a Man I Hardly Know by Miley Cyrus

Thank you, Microsoft Paint.

Thank you, Microsoft Paint.

Seven years ago, Miley Cyrus was a normal girl/pop superstar on the TV show “Hannah Montana” when she was approached with a job offer by someone claiming to work for SD-6, which was supposedly part of the Central Intelligence Agency. She accepted the offer, and quickly became a field agent. She tells her fiancé Nick that she is a spy. As a result of revealing SD-6’s existence to an outsider, her fiancé is murdered by SD-6.

It is then that Miley is told by her father Billy Ray Cyrus (another SD-6 agent) that SD-6 is not part of the CIA; instead, it is part of the Alliance of Twelve, an organization that is an enemy to the United States. Miley decides to offer her services to the real CIA as a double agent. Her offer is soon accepted, and she begins the long and arduous task of destroying SD-6 from the inside. She quickly learns that her father is also a double agent for the CIA.

I’d read that.




2 responses

7 04 2009

hahah oh miley.

and thats hillarious about the autobiography .. when i was little i totally wanted to write a book about my life and then realized i was pretty boring and not that great of a write. so im just doing beda instead 🙂

7 04 2009

haha. That paint job is a winner! Anyway, you should totally write that book and then give it to Miley. She’ll probably think that she wrote it herself and it is in fact real since she has so many identities anyway.

It’s the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeest of both worls!

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