beda day #5: i live in b&n

5 04 2009

So in order to accomplish this (aka reading the 16 books that are to compete in SLJ’s Battle of the Books), I spent my entire weekend reading.

I said in the other entry that this feat was impossible, but it turns out I’m well on my way to actually doing it.

Both yesterday and today my roommate and I spent all day in Barnes and Noble, reading books (in case you get mad at us for reading books in B&N, let me point out that we both spend a LOT of money there anyway, and we only are reading books there that we couldn’t buy at the Strand for relatively cheap or find at the library). Here is the list of books and I’ll update and cross the ones out that I’ve read.

The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing: Volume II, Kingdom on the Waves (Anderson)
Ways to Live Forever (Nicholls)
The Graveyard Book (Gaiman)
Th Trouble Begins at 8: A Life of Mark Twain in the Wild, Wild West (Fleischman)
Chains (Anderson)
Washington at Valley Forge (Freedman)
Here Lies Arthur (Reeve)
Tender Morsels (Lanagan)
The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks (Lockhart)
We Are The Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball (Nelson)
The Hunger Games (Collins)
The Porcupine Year (Erdrich)
Graceling (Cashore)
The Underneath (Appelt)
The Lincolns: A Scrapbook Look at Abraham and Mary (Fleming)
Nation (Pratchett)

I wanted to HATE Graceling, because for some reason I was looking at it as a “poor man’s Hunger Games” but OMG it was much more than that. It did have a lot in common with the Hunger Games, in that the main characters are very similar from their desire to kill to their names (HG’s Katniss and Graceling’s Katsa). But Graceling takes place in a very different world where she has to face very different challenges, and I definitely enjoyed it.

Ways to Live Forever is a book about a 11-year-old boy who is dying of leukemia. It is one of the best books about child cancer I have read, and I found it to be touching in the best way (and at times, even funny). The more of these books I read, the more difficult it is to pick one as the best. I don’t know how the award people do it year after year.

I”m counting the Lincoln book as “read” even though I merely leafed through it in B&N, because it’s not really the type of book you “read.” It’s more of a coffee table book, and it is more the format and layout than the content that I think is important here. I’ll admit it is a pretty cool book, but I don’t see how you could really compare it to the others, as it’s such a different type of book.

I also bought both Octavian Nothings and my roommate bought The Graveyard Book, so hopefully we can finish those soon so I can move on to the rest of the list!




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6 04 2009
katie O

hey sum…got your email. I am not sure if I see the similarity between me and the girl on the book cover…mainly because it is hard to see what she really looks like. Your beda is making me wish that I had a blog…hmm

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