beda day #4: things i really shouldn’t do

4 04 2009

1. Hold my pee from the Union Square B&N all the way home.
2. Pick things off my table/floor and eat them, even if I really think it’s part of what I’m currently eating. It probably isn’t.
3. Eat Filet-o-Fishes (Filets-o-Fish?).
4. Buy books when I don’t have a source of income.
5. Try to read 16 books in a week.
6. Do yoga for the first time and… overdo it.
7. Put off writing this post until the last minute.

posted at 11.30pm! 30 minutes to spare!



2 responses

5 04 2009

LoL, that post is funny. I have pretty much done all of those things that you shouldn’t do. But everyone once in a while, it’s okay. Especially putting off the BEDA post. Next time try for 11.59pm. Now that’s pushing it!

8 04 2009

Ummm…yeah I am so with you on number four. Luckily I’m a librarian, so that helps…but usually I just end up reading a book and saying “crap…I am totally going to have to buy this now!”

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