beda day #3: getting things done

3 04 2009

To start off, in December of 2007, I asked for a book called Getting Things Done for Christmas. I can’t remember if I actually received it, or if I bought it for myself with my new cash, but the point is that I really wanted this book and now I own it.

He's also kinda sexy, right? I'm not crazy?

He's also kinda sexy, right? I'm not crazy?

This may come as a shock to you, especially if you know me personally, because I am probably the least productive person on the planet, and my idea of multitasking is putting chocolate syrup on vanilla ice cream. But I am DETERMINED TO CHANGE! Seriously! I have a book and everything!

Did it work? I don’t know. The book’s main idea is a system for making to-do lists that requires you to do all the heavy thinking as you are writing down the item, rather than when you go to complete it. FOR EXAMPLE:

If I wanted to melt all the the cheese I own to create a cheesy fondue dipping sauce, I would not write down “MELT CHEESE.” Because then when you look at the list, you have to MAKE DECISIONS, like HOW DO I MELT THE CHEESE? WHEN DO I MELT THE CHEESE? HOW MUCH CHEESE DO I HAVE TO MELT? etc, and then you will look at that item on the list, and it will seem too complicated and you will think “eff that,” and go watch that Top Model marathon instead.

So what you have to do is make the list as detailed as possible, so that when you look at the list, you don’t have to think, you just have to complete a series of tasks.


1. Take the giant vacuum cleaner box, which has been sitting in the center of our living room for a week now, and throw it off the fire escape.
2. Boil water, add ramen noodles, wait 3 minutes, add soup base, TURN OFF STOVE (important step that I totally forgot once), pour in bowl, consume.
3. Upload that photo of that one time my college friend and I went to the Museum of Natural History.
4. Shower (I have this one pretty much down, so I’ll leave out the hairy details, HAHA)
5. Check Daily Intel tags: Gossip Girl every five minutes to see if they have posted the entry where they showcase the best comments of the week.
6. Cry because my comment was not picked.
7. Invent a way to form ice cream out of thin air! SPECIFICALLY ALMOND COOKIE ICE CREAM. LIKE THEY HAVE AT THE CHINATOWN ICE CREAM FACTORY! Because I really want it right now. And I am entirely too lazy to walk the the path station/sit on the train/walk 3 blocks or however you get to Chinatown and actually buy it.
8. I just might teach myself a Wonder Girls dance.

Wonder Girls! This is their song “Tell Me.” Most is in Korean so I obviously can’t understand a thing (well, except for, “tell me”) but they are so GREAT!


(Also, my Google Reader is going CRAZY because of BEDA. I LOVE IT!)



3 responses

3 04 2009

hahhh that video is amazing!

and I should try that to do list thing – my to do lists never get done! have any good recs for other beda kids? i havent found too many yet and im not part of the maureen j ning – should i be?

3 04 2009

oh ya – and the bullet – is like a tiny blender – its a made for TV thing and it’s my roommates and i love it – but i couldn t get my smoothie out and it was quite distressing! haha

3 04 2009

Okay, you crack me up! However, I am a MAJOR fan of detailed to-do lists, so more power to ya =).

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