beda day #2: katniss everdeen ftw

2 04 2009

So my roommate (well actually more like apartmentmate, but that’s not a word) and are have become obsessed with this event put on by the School Library Journal called Battle of the (Kids’) Books. Basically, the books will battle each other as detailed here:

Thank you SLJ. This is clearly made of awesome.

Thank you SLJ. This is clearly made of awesome.

I’m not sure how clear that picture is, but basically the books are pitted against each other in round one, which are judged by the author indicated in the middle of each pair, and the winner goes on to the next round, judged by a new person, and so on and so on. The winner will be selected by Lois Lowry.

Here's a closer look at the candidates.

Here's a closer look at the candidates.

So of course, roommate and I are determined to read every book on here before the battle begins… on Monday, April 13. I do not think this will be successful, as I do not know how many of these books will be available at the library, I’ve only read two of them (The Hunger Games and The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks), and I kind of want to read the first Octavian Nothing before I read the second Octavian Nothing.

Also, we like to pretend that we are levelheaded about this whole thing and just want to see who wins, but in all honesty, we really just want The Hunger Games to KILL everyone else. I mean, it is a FREAKIN’ BATTLE, right?

So we love Katniss Everdeen. Who doesn’t?

...and may the odds be EVER in your favor!

...and may the odds be EVER in your favor!

I secretly hope at the end of each day, when the winners of each contest are announced, a cannon is fired and a picture of the killed-off book is projected into the night sky.




6 responses

2 04 2009

Awesome! I’m pulling for Hunger Games, too! Of course, if anything actually beats HG I’ll definitely have to read it….

2 04 2009

Battle of the Kid’s Books. Just saying that makes me want to laugh out loud. A fight to the death, I hope!

2 04 2009

this is so exciting! I’ve never read any of these books but once i finish the stack on my ‘to read’ list I might have to pick up some of the ones who advance!

I love Tamora Pierce and John Green (of course!) and have also read some Chris Crutcher and back in the day, lois lowry

oh and also read a book recently by Ann Brasheras, she’s the author of princess diaries right? she wrote a more grown up book called the last summer – of you and me – its quite good. read it in a day on a road trip!

who have you read of those authors/books in the bracket?

2 04 2009

ok, I should have remembered this, i think the only lois lowry book i’ve read/heard is the giver – we read it in my 6th grade class.

3 04 2009

This sounds awesome! I haven’t read any of these, but if I had to bet I would definitely bet on Hunger Games too. I already know that will be John’s pick if it makes it to round 2 (which I am sure it will) because he was raving about it on blog tv. I only own Chains.. so maybe I can sekritly root for it! They all sound awesome!

4 04 2009
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