beda day #29: the penultimate peril

30 04 2009

This post has nothing to do with the Series of Unfortunate Events book of the same name, but I LOVE the word penultimate and I do not get to use it often. As this is my second to last post of BEDA, it seemed like a good time.


1. Balloons. Now I’m not afraid of them like I think they have minds of their own, or that they are going to follow me home or anything. I just hate when they pop. A lot. This hatred of them popping has turned into a legitimate fear of balloons. I avoid them at ALL costs. You know those huge balloon arches? I never go through them. I try to look away from the balloons and count to ten if they are just sitting there tied to a railing or something, but if they are… I can barely even type it… taped to something or a child is holding it…. well then get out of my way because I’m going to run as far away as I can. I was going to embed a picture of balloons here, but I honestly can’t even bring myself to do a google search. Bleghhh… shiver. Oddly enough, I really want to see the new Pixar movie “UP!” but I’ll probably have to have someone see it before me and tell me if the balloons pop. I can handle them carrying a house as long as I know they don’t pop.

2. Flying Cockroaches. Cockroaches are fine when they are on the ground, but once they start flying, OH HELL NO. Once, when I was sixteen, I was getting dressed when a cockroach flew onto the back of the dress I was wearing. I just screamed and starting crying but it wouldn’t fly off, and I couldn’t really see it that well. It was horrible. I still have nightmares about that.

3. Alzheimer’s Disease or Having My Memory Altered Eternal-Sunshine-Style. This absolutely terrifies me. I would rather lose my hearing, sight, and both my legs than lose my memories. I’m serious. In high school, they told us that smoking weed could possibly lead to memory loss. I’m fairly certain that ISN’T EVEN TRUE, but it did successfully keep me away from it forever. I’ve never once blacked out while drinking (as in forgotten parts of the night), and I’m pretty sure if I ever do, it’ll be the last time I ever drink. I’m that terrified of losing my memory. You know how some people “drink to forget”? I can’t even fathom that thought. My entire consciousness is devoted to CONSTANTLY NOT FORGETTING. If I no longer remember who I am, I’m not entirely sure I would exist. In fact, I know I wouldn’t.

Ugh. I guess that’s the end of that post! I have a PRETTY EPIC LAST BEDA POST PLANNED, so GET EXCITED!


beda day #28: television update!

29 04 2009

So in this post, I discussed a little about the tv shows I like. I think it’s time for an update (this is filled with spoilers, btw):

1. The Amazing Race:
So the little brothers are finally gone, thank GOD. Tammy using her Chinese to get the other teams seated in the back of the plane… GENIUS! And the first time they’ve used Chinese where it didn’t just annoy me. Last week Tammy and Victor just blabbered on in Mandarin forever, for no apparent reason except to make the other teams think they were getting extra information. For instance, in the calligraphy challenge (where… I’m sorry, JEN AND KEISHA’S characters were so much nicer than yours, Tammy!), they kept saying “you write and we copy” over and over again. Um… DUH. I think I want Jamie and Cara to win.

The Redheads

The Redheads

Yeah, they yell at people, but they are quite funny, and remember that one time the little brothers called them and they pretended to be the airline? PRICELESS. Plus, the fact that they were CRYING when they thought they were first to the pit-stop was heartwarming/hilarious! I WAS SO HAPPY. And then they get handed another envelope and are told to keep racing? OMG SUSPENSE! Ahh I’m so excited for next week.

2. America’s Next Top Model:
So… when Jay announced what they were doing for the photoshoot… invoking the sexy Carmen Miranda, my roommate and I both said “Oh. No. Allison!” Because we all know that girl cannot do sexy. Even when Jay said “Haven’t you ever looked across a room and said ‘oh boy, are you noticing me?'” Allison stared at him blankly. And then Jay goes on to say “Probably not.” LOL! But DAMN! SHE ROCKED THAT PHOTOSHOOT!



And yeah, as you can see from my caption. SHE GOT FIRST CALL OUT! Allison FTW!

3. Gossip Girl:
I only have one thing to say about this episode. There is no way, no how, not in this world or any other one, under no circumstance would Chuck Bass play basketball.

Is this a joke?

Is this a joke?

I know he’s wearing velour and that almost makes up for it, but no. Not at all. That ball has bounced on the ground. The dirty ground. Outside. On an outside court. Remember back when the world made sense and Chuck played squash and had sex?

beda day #27: in which i am late

28 04 2009

So just now I put my blog into this personality thing, and got this:

The analysis indicates that the author of
is of the type:
ESFP – The Performers

The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don´t like to plan ahead – they are always in risk of exhausting themselves.

The enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation – qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.

A couple of things about this…

1. Entertaining and friendly… sure? I hope that’s just because I overuse the word “like.”

2. “Soft fabrics,” ewwww. No. I am super weird about really soft things. I hate them. You know those blankets that are like… just fleece? Ugh I’m getting grossed out just THINKING about them. Cashmere is okay… until it starts pilling. Once it starts to feel even a LITTLE fuzzy, no. Jersey sheets… the thought makes me want to gag.

3. Bright colors? I would say yes DEFINITELY a couple of years ago. Not so much now, but I’ll still go with it.

4. Sweet smells? Like… BROWNIES?

5. Planning… I think I am a bit of a planner. Actually, I don’t like to plan, I like people to tell me the plan. A day in advance. And then I show up. As far as exhausting myself, when you are as cool as I am… it’s hard not to.

6. “They enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way” This sentence seems odd to me. How do you help people INVISIBLY? Are OTHER PEOPLE DOING THAT? SHOWMESHOWMESHOWME!

But all of that was just so I could highlight this last line:
7. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation – qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.

Hello, summation of my life.

beda day #26: bringing may flowers

27 04 2009

a tad early.

So remember when I said the other day I nearly cried seeing tulips? Well I saw some more. And instead of crying… because that would be awkward for everyone, I took a picture of them.

Who needs a burger?

Who needs a burger?

These tulips were in Madison Square Park, where the roommate and I got frozen custard at Shake Shack to try to beat the sudden heat. Where did it come from? The weather seriously jumped from the teens to the 30s instantly, with NO time at all in the glorious 20s we all know and love (Celcius, kids – learn it). This is not in my approval matrix.

More flowers for you!

More flowers for you!

Speaking of frozen custard… guess what flavor we got? The flavor of the day, which was SPRING FEVER! We took bets on what it was taste like, I thought it would taste like rainbow sherbet, the roommate thought it would taste like grass (which I seriously doubted), but we ended up asking so as not to be stuck licking wheatgrass flavored green goop in the middle of the day. So it happens that Spring Fever = Passion fruit, Orange, and Guava. Yeah, that’s right folks, I had POG flavored frozen custard in the middle of NYC.

Me and teh flowerz.

Me and teh flowerz.

It looks like I cut my hair, there. But I didn’t. It’s still long. Also, I have to admit, I’ll be right sad when this BEDA thing is over. It’s been a good (albeit crazy) month.

beda day #25: hey, what’s that? a bandwagon?

25 04 2009

Yes it is. Hold your horses while I jump on it.

Summer (as defined by Urban Dictionary)
As I have a name that is… not just a name, I will not be posting the definitions that refer to the season unless I find them particularly amusing. And as it’s Urban Dictionary, I’m not going to post the ones that are extremely inappropriate… unless I find them particularly amusing. Also, I’m not correcting the spelling/grammar. Imagine a [sic] after everything.

The moment that every child, adolescent, teenager, and college student awaits. It’s supposed to be a time of rest, relaxation, vacation, and absolute fun. Regardless, it ends up being incredibly boring 90% percent of the time unless you enjoy sitting on your ass and playing Xbox 360 all week long. Which I don’t.

So true my jaded friend… so true.

a quirky girl whose beauty and spirit are only matched by her vivacious sex drive. she is always willing to have fun.

Yes, yes, yes, oh…

A young girl who is friendly and sweet. Yet deep down, she explodes with agressive qualities and amazing talent. This vivacous blond has phenomonal friends who care for her unconditionaly.

I’m not blonde. But other than that, okay.

In the United States, summer is used to reduce American high school shootings and increase illegal drug usage and partying. High school students would see this as education refuge due to the fact that summer is mainly the universal choice for education break and because school is the governments pathetic excuse to keep the kids away from parents who should be working and paying unreasonable amounts of taxes, bearing in mind that there are still people who graduate that are dumbshits, or in worst cases are most unfortunately stupider than before.

Wow. Nothing like Urban Dictionary, ya know?

Often a shy quiet girl , who when lets loose LETS LOOSE . She’ comes off as quiet insecure girl when actually she parties hard . She has this rocker attitude and doesn’t care what people think. She often has nice curves and a great personality. She probally won’t like you if your Boring Because Summer(s) often like to laugh.

Oh dear. I do like to laugh, though!

an asshole girl bitch that is obsessed with violence

Really? That’s like, the LAST thing I think of when I think of Summers. How odd.

I tried to make brownies tonight. Except I substituted hot cocoa mix for cocoa powder. Which, for the record, doesn’t work.

beda day #24: i’d like to teach the world to sing

24 04 2009

in perfeeeeect harrrrmonyyyyyy!

So, we all know I spend crazy amounts of time on Youtube just for the sheer entertainment, news, fangirling, etc, but I’d like to point you toward something else about Youtube that I love.


Mrs. Nerimon – italktosnakes (Kristina)

Blink – charlieissocoollike (Charlie)

Book Eight – vlogbrothers (Hank)

Transformers Rap – smosh (Anthony and Ian)

My Name’s Hayley, Dog – hayleyghoover (Hayley)

I’m Saying Nothing – fiveawesomegirls (Lauren)

The Google Verb Meme Thing – michaelaranda (Michael)

Mario Kart Love Song – blinktwice4y (Sam)

awwww. love. I might add more over the rest of the day if I remember any.

beda day #23: yes, and now i’m finally up-to-date

23 04 2009

So I missed a BEDA post a while back, and that means on one of these days, I have to post 2 blogs. That day is today.

But first, LOOK! A bunny!



Fun fact: The roommate and I bought egg dye stuff AGES ago, and haven’t yet dyed eggs.

I am still reading the first Octavian Nothing. I know, I need to step it up, but I’m trying to read that plus get a job plus clean the apartment, so it’s all a bit overwhelming. Every review I read says that this book is worth my effort, though, so I WILL get through it!

For anyone new, click the “Book List” on the top of the page, to see a list of the books I have read this year. I’m again trying to do the 50-books-in-a-year challenge. We’ll see if I make it this time!

On the Battle of the Books front, Graceling was kicked out by The Lincolns! Wow! I see that as an upset, but apparently Nancy Werlin (the judge) claims it was no contest. Interesting. Hopefully Chris Crutcher deems Abe and Mary inferior to THE HUNGER GAMES, as they’ll be facing off in the next round.

So the Books still in the battle are:
Octavian Nothing 2 vs. Chains
The Hunger Games vs. The Lincolns

Of those I have read… The Hunger Games. Crap. I guess I’m not doing so well. The books I read keep getting knocked out yo! I never finished Tender Morsels, as I was reading it in B&N and then it got beat by Chains, but I was LOVING it, so I might buy it or will eventually finish it. And once I get through Octavian Nothing 1 I can move on to Octavian Nothing 2! Ah, well. I guess we’ll see who makes it in that round. If Chains wins that round and I have to read yet ANOTHER book, I think I will scream.