lazy sunday much?

29 03 2009
This is about as artistic as I get.

This is about as artistic as I get.

I am not a very artistic person. Creative, yes. Artistic… no. So today I found this site that makes really cool Jackson Pollock-esque graphics for you like the one above, except you make them! And it’s really easy! You just go to the site, click “Enter Jackson” and move your mouse around! If you move quickly, the lines will be thinner, and if you move slowly, or hover your mouse in one spot, the color will show up in a blob. Click the mouse and the color changes… and you can’t even choose the color! It chooses it for you. If you absolutely hate your drawing, you can hit space, and your drawing disappears, and if you want to stop to say, take a screencap, you can just move your mouse out of the window.

It’s really fun and really relaxing since you don’t really have that much control over it, you just move!



This sounds like an ad for the site or something, but it’s not, I swear, I just think it’s really cool.



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