i also watch a lot of television

29 03 2009

So in direct contrast to the calming, “art” on my last entry, I’m going to use this entry to talk about a lot of television:

1. The Amazing Race: So I’m a little worried that every time I start to like a team, they get kicked off. It’s ridiculous. I started to like Steve and Linda… and so they got eliminated. Brad and Victoria were seriously badass… and they got the boot. Kris and Amanda… did anyone else see Kris carrying the cheese? like ON HIS SHOULDERS? and so they were eliminated. Jodi and Christie got really awesome right before they got eliminated. Right now I guess I like Cara and Jaime? but I don’t want to say it because as soon as I like them… they’ll get eliminated.

I don’t mind Tammy so much but I hate Victor. Seriously the guy just bugs me. So of course they are going to win. Ugh reality competitions, do I not learn from ANTM? SPEAKING OF ANTM…

2. America’s Next Top Model: If the adorably big-eyed Allison doesn’t win this cycle I will seriously chuck a birkett. Although going by how ANTM likes to treat me, she’ll probably get in the top two, and someone who barely registered on my radar, like Tahlia or Nikki Reed Natalie will win it all.

3. Gossip Girl: I feel like they are slowly getting back their groove. I don’t know what happened, maybe Ms. Carr coming in just threw everyone off, or the writers went on vacation, but things got wrapped up nicely in the play episode, and then last week we had the obligatory Nate storyline (I feel like every 6 episodes or so, they throw in a Nate problem so we remember he exists), and now we are ready for scandal! Come ON GG, DO NOT FAIL ME NOW!

4. Dollhouse: Holy balls, was that the best episode yet or what? I can’t even get over how great that was. Except for Eliza Dushku, who at some times would appear on screen and I would go “oh right, she’s in this show”, because even though she is the main character, I care about her about as much as I cared for first season Vanessa on GG.


Oh, and I think I’m going to try BEDA (or Blog Every Day April). We’ll see how this goes.




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29 04 2009
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