taking lazy to a whole new level

12 03 2009

or “Ways to distract myself from the fact that I do not, in fact, own a Kindle 2”.

1. Roommate and I have discovered that we can order food from the local A&P and have to delivered to our doorstep the next day. This is either the best thing that has ever happened to us or the worst. We’ve actually come out of it deciding that we are saving money, because the amount of food we ordered is more than we could carry in our little cart thing and if we wanted that variety of food, we’d have to take the path, costing us money each way. (Well, actually, roommate has a monthly pass so I guess that part isn’t actually true. I don’t have one because I don’t have a job.)

2. The apartment is truly getting disgusting. Earlier today I twittered that it was putting the Kappa Tau house to shame, and that’s not far from the truth. I’m sure this was bound to happen, as this is the first time either of us has lived not at home or not in a dorm, and so the sheer shock of “not having to put stuff away” has caused us to “not put stuff away”. I think once we pass this 2 month hurdle, though, we’ll be good. Plus, the roommate’s mom and brother are visiting soon, so we’ll have to clean the place up so her family doesn’t steal her away from me and issue a sanitation notice.

3. I have an interview for an internship at a small publishing house next week! It’s unpaid, but hopefully I can try to fit some retail job in to pay the bills. I’m excited, but my track record for interviews is INTERVIEWS:3 SUMMER:0, so let’s not get too worked up.

4. For some reason, it’s taking me a freakishly long time to finish Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, which my roommate bought me as a Chinese New Year present. Hear that? CHINESE NEW YEAR! THAT WAS FOREVER AGO! This might be due to the fact that every waking moment has been consumed with 1. watching Alias and 2. checking the Publisher’s Lunch Job Board, but yesterday I picked it up and read a bit and it’s REALLY good! I don’t know why I couldn’t get into it at first. I should finish it by tonight and then I’ll FINALLY have read 5 books in 2009. And it’s March. And I don’t have a job. What have I been doing?

5. We have a huge pile of cardboard boxes (as a result of 1. moving and 2. ordering things from Amazon [electric kettle FTW!]) and my roommate wants to try to build bookshelves out of them. This could prove to be hilarious, so I’ll try to document that if it ever happens.




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