i am zooey deschanel, zooey deschanel is me

1 03 2009


So anyone who knows me relatively well knows that I have a grand total of two fashion icons.

1. Blair Waldorf, a character on the TV show Gossip Girl played by Leighton Meester

The bow headbands are back for good! I'm so happy I could cry!

The bow headbands are back for good! I'm so happy I could cry!

2. Zooey Deschanel

If you call her Katy Perry I will CUT YOU!

If you call her Katy Perry I will CUT YOU!

Now as much as a majorly covet everything Blair ever wears, I can’t afford it because, along with being a fictional character… Blair’s style is designer all the way. Zooey on the other hand, along with buying expensive clothes, is one of those people I could never understand… a VINTAGER (my computer is telling me this is not a word… but I don’t know how else to say it). I love them, I admire them, but I can’t be them. It’s not that I won’t wear old clothes, that’s not it at all, but thrift shops overwhelm me like a Forever 21 during the holidays. I am just not the kind of person who can sort through things endlessly and see the potential in an item that maybe isn’t obvious upon first glance.

Behold… my fucking dream come true. I’m sorry, I don’t normally swear, but I am so overwhelmed with happiness I don’t even know where to start.

Today I found this girl, who basically is everything I want to be, she’s living the Zooey Deschanel-shaped DREAM. I LOVE her. For example, check out these shoes. Fantastic, right? SHE MADE THOSE! (well, she bought the white slingbacks and added the bows herself, but the bows are what make the shoe, clearly. So then I poke around for a bit and I find…


I. can’t. even. breathe.

I mean… look at THIS AMAZING LACE DRESS and THIS PINK DRESS. I think I may have died and gone to pretty dress heaven, I’m not even kidding. I looked at her past sales, and it looks like most of the dresses go for between $18-$40, which for some of those is totally worth it, and it looks like in the fall and winter… SHE SELLS COATS!

I’m almost hesitant to put this information out there because I DON’T WANT YOU GUYS bidding against me, but I just had to share, and some of the things are so “wild” that probably only I (and Blair and Zooey) would wear them.

**Speaking of GG, I am SO impatient for the next episode it’s INSANE. HELP ME!




4 responses

1 03 2009

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4 03 2009

Ooh! Darling clothes! I had no notion of your fashion preferences. I assume this is something you acquired post-high school, as there are a grand total of maybe 5 people in Hawaii who are not clad in t-shirts or aloha wear–and 3 of them are tourists.

I wish I had my own sense of style. I’m pretty clear on what I DON’T like, but after that I’m clueless. Oh well.

9 03 2009

ooO i really like that pink dress! you gonna bid on it!? i hope you do and i hope you win!

25 03 2009

Randomly saw your site. I love Zooey! 🙂

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