i also watch a lot of television

29 03 2009

So in direct contrast to the calming, “art” on my last entry, I’m going to use this entry to talk about a lot of television:

1. The Amazing Race: So I’m a little worried that every time I start to like a team, they get kicked off. It’s ridiculous. I started to like Steve and Linda… and so they got eliminated. Brad and Victoria were seriously badass… and they got the boot. Kris and Amanda… did anyone else see Kris carrying the cheese? like ON HIS SHOULDERS? and so they were eliminated. Jodi and Christie got really awesome right before they got eliminated. Right now I guess I like Cara and Jaime? but I don’t want to say it because as soon as I like them… they’ll get eliminated.

I don’t mind Tammy so much but I hate Victor. Seriously the guy just bugs me. So of course they are going to win. Ugh reality competitions, do I not learn from ANTM? SPEAKING OF ANTM…

2. America’s Next Top Model: If the adorably big-eyed Allison doesn’t win this cycle I will seriously chuck a birkett. Although going by how ANTM likes to treat me, she’ll probably get in the top two, and someone who barely registered on my radar, like Tahlia or Nikki Reed Natalie will win it all.

3. Gossip Girl: I feel like they are slowly getting back their groove. I don’t know what happened, maybe Ms. Carr coming in just threw everyone off, or the writers went on vacation, but things got wrapped up nicely in the play episode, and then last week we had the obligatory Nate storyline (I feel like every 6 episodes or so, they throw in a Nate problem so we remember he exists), and now we are ready for scandal! Come ON GG, DO NOT FAIL ME NOW!

4. Dollhouse: Holy balls, was that the best episode yet or what? I can’t even get over how great that was. Except for Eliza Dushku, who at some times would appear on screen and I would go “oh right, she’s in this show”, because even though she is the main character, I care about her about as much as I cared for first season Vanessa on GG.


Oh, and I think I’m going to try BEDA (or Blog Every Day April). We’ll see how this goes.


lazy sunday much?

29 03 2009
This is about as artistic as I get.

This is about as artistic as I get.

I am not a very artistic person. Creative, yes. Artistic… no. So today I found this site that makes really cool Jackson Pollock-esque graphics for you like the one above, except you make them! And it’s really easy! You just go to the site, click “Enter Jackson Pollock.org” and move your mouse around! If you move quickly, the lines will be thinner, and if you move slowly, or hover your mouse in one spot, the color will show up in a blob. Click the mouse and the color changes… and you can’t even choose the color! It chooses it for you. If you absolutely hate your drawing, you can hit space, and your drawing disappears, and if you want to stop to say, take a screencap, you can just move your mouse out of the window.

It’s really fun and really relaxing since you don’t really have that much control over it, you just move!



This sounds like an ad for the site or something, but it’s not, I swear, I just think it’s really cool.

taking lazy to a whole new level

12 03 2009

or “Ways to distract myself from the fact that I do not, in fact, own a Kindle 2”.

1. Roommate and I have discovered that we can order food from the local A&P and have to delivered to our doorstep the next day. This is either the best thing that has ever happened to us or the worst. We’ve actually come out of it deciding that we are saving money, because the amount of food we ordered is more than we could carry in our little cart thing and if we wanted that variety of food, we’d have to take the path, costing us money each way. (Well, actually, roommate has a monthly pass so I guess that part isn’t actually true. I don’t have one because I don’t have a job.)

2. The apartment is truly getting disgusting. Earlier today I twittered that it was putting the Kappa Tau house to shame, and that’s not far from the truth. I’m sure this was bound to happen, as this is the first time either of us has lived not at home or not in a dorm, and so the sheer shock of “not having to put stuff away” has caused us to “not put stuff away”. I think once we pass this 2 month hurdle, though, we’ll be good. Plus, the roommate’s mom and brother are visiting soon, so we’ll have to clean the place up so her family doesn’t steal her away from me and issue a sanitation notice.

3. I have an interview for an internship at a small publishing house next week! It’s unpaid, but hopefully I can try to fit some retail job in to pay the bills. I’m excited, but my track record for interviews is INTERVIEWS:3 SUMMER:0, so let’s not get too worked up.

4. For some reason, it’s taking me a freakishly long time to finish Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, which my roommate bought me as a Chinese New Year present. Hear that? CHINESE NEW YEAR! THAT WAS FOREVER AGO! This might be due to the fact that every waking moment has been consumed with 1. watching Alias and 2. checking the Publisher’s Lunch Job Board, but yesterday I picked it up and read a bit and it’s REALLY good! I don’t know why I couldn’t get into it at first. I should finish it by tonight and then I’ll FINALLY have read 5 books in 2009. And it’s March. And I don’t have a job. What have I been doing?

5. We have a huge pile of cardboard boxes (as a result of 1. moving and 2. ordering things from Amazon [electric kettle FTW!]) and my roommate wants to try to build bookshelves out of them. This could prove to be hilarious, so I’ll try to document that if it ever happens.

like watching dollhouse, we all sit around and wait for it to get good

11 03 2009

So I paid my very first internet bill today! I’d feel more excited about it if I actually had some sort of income to help pay for this, but I don’t, and so it makes me nothing but gross.

Since I’m unemployed, I spend my days doing the strangest things. For example, last Thursday, I woke up at 4.30 am, jumped on the Path, and subway’d up to Grand Central to stand in line in front of B&N for the Miley Cyrus book signing at 6.30 am. (In retrospect, I have since found that some people were waiting outside that B&N at like 2 am, or even at 7 pm the night before, so the fact that I didn’t go until 6.30 makes me feel a little bit better about myself). I received a pretty PINK wristband, and a copy of Miles to Go (which I honestly bought just so I could “meet” Miley Cyrus and not for it’s literary value, but of what I’ve read so far, it’s pretty good!). Then my friend and I went to go eat breakfast at Cosi before she had to leave for work.

At 4pm, we both headed over there, and were assured we would get our books signed for SURE because we had pink wristbands, which meant we were in the first 500.

(Ugh this all sounds so boring, but I can’t think of any way to spice it up, unfortunately.)

When we finally got inside B&N, they were playing BREAKOUT (YES!) along with The Climb (which btw, is slowly changing my life for the better, I’m sure), and my friend and I got to see a lot of girls cry. That part was a little disturbing. I hadn’t brought my camera with me, because when I went to the signing of Nicole Richie’s The Truth About Diamonds (ahahahaha and just like that all my credibility is gone) I was so stressed about getting a good picture with her that I kept going to the bathroom to check my hair and kept going through (with my other friend) how we were going to both get pictures with her and get our books signed, and I got so flustered when it really happened that I barely looked at Nicole when she was in front of me and ended up with a picture of me looking like a freak and the top of Nicole’s head. Nice.

But I really SHOULD have brought my camera this time because Miley was actually POSING for pictures and TRISH (that’s Miley’s mother) was taking the pictures. Ah well. It was still great to be in her presence, and she was so nice and didn’t seem like she wanted to die by the time we were at the table, even though she had already signed like 400 books.



So I got to MEET MILEY CYRUS (please, someone get that) and get her book signed, and I only waited in line for about 2 hours combined. And it was hilarious because there were these girls behind us when we went back at 4 for the signing who were like “WHAT TIME WERE YOU HERE THIS MORNING?” and when we said 6.30, she was like “I WAS HERE AT 2AM!” and it took everything I am to not say “…and now you’re behind us! Looks like a waste of time to me!” Which I didn’t say but totally should have because this girl was seriously nuts.

In other news, I saw the Jonas Brothers 3D concert movie, which was GREAT, and had the fun by-product of me becoming obsessed with Taylor Swift. We all know I LOVE country-pop, and she’s perfect at it! I don’t know why I was so anti-her at first. Maybe because she kept showing up on the Radio Disney billboards next to Miley and the Jonas Brothers, and in my head I was like “WHO IS THAT FREAK, SHE CAN’T BE AS GREAT AS MILEY!” and just ignored her existence. But she’s pretty great and I love how vocal she was about Joe Jonas dumping her on the phone. So basically I need to be dumped by Kevin (the OTHER Jonas Brother) so that I can hang with the other Jonas cast-offs: Miley and Taylor. So great. So THAT’S why Miley called Taylor her best friend at the Grammy’s.

So on Saturday my roommate and I were walking to Macy’s from the path station at 33rd street, and we pass a Lady Foot Locker. This is normal, right, but this Lady Foot Locker had a giant photo of Leighton Meester. Okay… odd person to promote SNEAKERS, but okay. And then “MEET LEIGHTON MEESTER, SATURDAY MARCH 7th” (Um WHAT?!?!)

So we go inside and ask “was Leighton Meester really here today?” and they say “yeah” and we go “DOING WHAT?” because I can barely picture Leighton Meester in jeans, let alone in a Lady Foot Locker.

But apparently she was because I found this picture.*

Miss Blair would not approve

Miss Blair would not approve

So apparently she was signing autographs (I HOPE ON PEOPLE’S SHOES) and I missed it. Although if I went I would TOTALLY have her sign a headband. And record my outgoing voicemail message.

*Actually, forget Reebok, I can’t believe she’s drinking Poland Spring.

i am zooey deschanel, zooey deschanel is me

1 03 2009


So anyone who knows me relatively well knows that I have a grand total of two fashion icons.

1. Blair Waldorf, a character on the TV show Gossip Girl played by Leighton Meester

The bow headbands are back for good! I'm so happy I could cry!

The bow headbands are back for good! I'm so happy I could cry!

2. Zooey Deschanel

If you call her Katy Perry I will CUT YOU!

If you call her Katy Perry I will CUT YOU!

Now as much as a majorly covet everything Blair ever wears, I can’t afford it because, along with being a fictional character… Blair’s style is designer all the way. Zooey on the other hand, along with buying expensive clothes, is one of those people I could never understand… a VINTAGER (my computer is telling me this is not a word… but I don’t know how else to say it). I love them, I admire them, but I can’t be them. It’s not that I won’t wear old clothes, that’s not it at all, but thrift shops overwhelm me like a Forever 21 during the holidays. I am just not the kind of person who can sort through things endlessly and see the potential in an item that maybe isn’t obvious upon first glance.

Behold… my fucking dream come true. I’m sorry, I don’t normally swear, but I am so overwhelmed with happiness I don’t even know where to start.

Today I found this girl, who basically is everything I want to be, she’s living the Zooey Deschanel-shaped DREAM. I LOVE her. For example, check out these shoes. Fantastic, right? SHE MADE THOSE! (well, she bought the white slingbacks and added the bows herself, but the bows are what make the shoe, clearly. So then I poke around for a bit and I find…


I. can’t. even. breathe.

I mean… look at THIS AMAZING LACE DRESS and THIS PINK DRESS. I think I may have died and gone to pretty dress heaven, I’m not even kidding. I looked at her past sales, and it looks like most of the dresses go for between $18-$40, which for some of those is totally worth it, and it looks like in the fall and winter… SHE SELLS COATS!

I’m almost hesitant to put this information out there because I DON’T WANT YOU GUYS bidding against me, but I just had to share, and some of the things are so “wild” that probably only I (and Blair and Zooey) would wear them.

**Speaking of GG, I am SO impatient for the next episode it’s INSANE. HELP ME!