my name is sydney bristow

25 02 2009

I get attached to shows pretty quickly. It doesn’t take long for me to go from never having seen a show to trying to know everything about it. Right now that show is Alias. I’m still in the first season but it’s so good. The disguises are so awesome, and Sydney is just so badass in general. If you are considering a new show, try it.

My friend Emily from college (who recommended Alias) came to visit me last week , and one of the things we did was go to the American Museum of Natural History. It was really cool, I haven’t been there since I visited NYC like junior year of HS, so there was a bit I remembered, but it was still interesting. The coolest part was the “scales of the universe” exhibit, where there’s this giant white sphere in the middle of the room that they use to help you visualize space. Like for instance they say “if the sphere is the size of the human brain, then this plastic ball is the size of a raindrop.” and there’s a plastic ball in front of you the size of a basketball. And then you go to the next stand and it says “if the sphere is the size of a raindrop, then this model is the size of a red blood cell” and in front of you there’s a model red blood cell the size of a frisbee, which is supposed to help you visualize how small a red blood cell really is… and then it gets smaller and smaller until it just blows your mind that humans are able to identify things that are that small. I don’t know how well I explained it, but it was really cool.

Anyway, back to Alias, with each episode I watch, I feel more and more unaccomplished. I mean Sydney Bristow is out kicking people asses, and I’m sitting in bed watching her do it. Fail. And I’m really nonathletic. Fail. I need to like go run a mile or something.


america sure as hell has got talent

13 02 2009

His name is Michael Aranda.

Sometimes I see what people are doing on youtube, and then I watch poorly edited commercials on tv, and I just say… WHY? There is so much talent in the world, people! GO FIND IT!

guess who’s back?

12 02 2009

Hey guys!

Remember me?

Today I got wireless internet. Holy god. It’s amazing. I can… like… do stuff.

Be prepared for a LOT more of me as a result.


so. hot.

so. hot.