kicking-AWOL is fun

24 12 2008

um. oh… hai. remember me?



1. I am officially six books away from meeting the 50 books challenge for 2008 ! I’m so hyped!!! I hardly ever actually meet goals, and I’m SO CLOSE this time. I’m reading Pride and Prejudice right now, which I’ve actually never read. I realllllllly want I Was Told There’d Be Cake for Christmas, and I told my mom about it, so cross your fingers that I’ll get it. Then I just have to find five books in this house to read.

2. I am obsessed with Daily Intel. It’s the most amazing blog. Just the right amount of actual news balanced with a ton of dish about THE. BEST. SHOW. EVER. Seriously. I love it.

3. Speaking of the reason I wake up in the morning, last weeks Gossip Girl was awesome. AWESOME. Two things happened: a. Ed Westwick’s portrayal Chuck Bass was a tour de effing force, and b. Queen B-Wals brought back the bow crown. THANK GOD! I knew I bought a baker’s dozen of headbands for a reason!

4. I’m back, guys. For good. As in. Wireless Internet. For reals. Bring the punch.

5. Also, I’m now a gchat fangirl. I signed into AIM today and something just seemed off. I don’t like it. It feels like I’m back in college. I’m probably going to mostly gchat from now on. Sorry all you kids who don’t have gmail! Although, why the eff don’t you have gmail? Did you hear there are THEMES! And LABS! OMG AMAZING!