i hate that i love you, demi lovato.

14 10 2008

you know what is great about being sick?

5 10 2008


Okay, that’s a lie. The suppressed appetite isn’t bad, especially since I barely have the energy to eat anyway. So having an excuse not to eat is quite a sweet deal.

Other than that, sitting in bed all day with a headache and bad breath really leaves quite a lot to be desired.

The good news is that a friend of mine was able to nab me a copy of the oft-mentioned-on-this-blog PAPER TOWNS! I am halfway through with it and so far it is very good. John is truly the master at creating these amazing girls that the protagonists fall in love with. I mean… I think Alaska Young of Looking for Alaska is still the queen of the John Green-verse but Margo Roth Spiegelman is a close second. Not to say that LfA is better than PT… we’ll have to see about that. I’m liking it a lot. So far the “paper towns” section is the most amazing part of this book. John obviously knew that, which is why he named the book after that section.

My headache is really getting to me. It’s making it hard for me to stare at the screen and/or read.

I have a craving for ramen. Not the good kind, with like real vegetables and crap, I mean the amazing one with the suspicious “shrimp” flavor that comes out of the little square package and is ready to eat in three lovely minutes.

That sounds amazing right now. I mean just LOOK at the wonder and complexity of taste!

Okay, well now I’m all hungry. Stupid internet.

Oh and my current top five for ANTM is as follows: Samantha, Analeigh, Sheena, Joslyn, Lauren Brie

in which i pick a fight with life

1 10 2008

So… pretty much the past… however long it has been since I last wrote a blog (2 weeks? 5 years? whatever) has been consumed with sleeping and staring at my cell phone begging it to ring.

Also with watching this video…*

Seriously. It’s so brilliant. Not only is the song basically a masterpiece, but the tights? THE SHOES? the microphones with the names on them? I love how there are no costume changes and barely a set and yet I love it so much.

On the job front, I can’t get one. It’s like it’s basically like high school all over again, except switch out “boyfriend” for “job” and put me in slightly better clothes.

“Let’s see, and applying for that job we have…. Summer?”
“Summer? I heard that girl’s a bitch.”
“Right, but she does have some hot friends, I think.”
“She does? Sweet, let’s hire them instead.”

…and SCENE.

Back to more important things, I think I hate Dan Humphrey more than I hated this random kid from elementary school who used to bring meal worms to school everyday (and therefore smelled) and would always try to get me to ask my friends out for him. That coupled with the fact that he thought I was a genius (which I practically was, I mean, I went to a Hawaii public school, it’s not that hard) and would always ask me the answers to EVERYTHING. That doesn’t sound that bad, but apparently I was pretty irritable in the 4th grade. Why am I even talking about this? Oh right. Dan. Hate him. Should die. That is all.

So in the past week or so, I have gone to Jersey pretty much like every day. Therefore I am counting Jersey under states I’ve been to. I’ve even eaten at Panera there. Speaking of, I’m going to start a places I’ve been page up there next to BOOK LIST. NEW JERSEY is officially on it! GO NEW JERSEY! NEW JERSEY NEW JERSEY NEW JERSEY! (If I did a wordle right now, I’m pretty sure NEW JERSEY in caps would beat Alaska. And “okay.” And “like.” Well maybe not the latter.)

Ugh, whatever. BRING IT!

*It’s called Up! by The Saturdays for those interested.