oh, and also… i kind of… moved

12 09 2008


So sorry for falling off the blogging train COMPLETELY. I apologize. It’s been a rough (and by rough I mean busy and not “rough” at all) 2 weeks. If you are DYING for some more of my wisdom and genius (albeit right now it’s slightly Twilight-centric), head on over to my youtube account for some fun times! I’ll bring cake.

THE FRIDAY FIVE! (I stole this idea from Sarah Dessen)

1. Sarah Palin: At first I was kind of wondering what on EARTH McCain was thinking, picking this random Alaskan chick. But now… I know the names of all of her children, the name of the city in Alaska she was the mayor of, and that she tried to fire a librarian 8 or so years ago. Joe Biden? I don’t know that I could pick him out of a line-up. So maybe she was a wise choice? Although I’m a little frightened of her. Like majorly frightened.

Are those her former enemies? Who is she, the White Witch of Narnia?

Are those her former enemies? Who is she, the White Witch of Narnia?


2. Gossip Girl: So good. My god I love Blair Waldorf. Nate is actually becoming an awesome character. He’s kind of funny. It’s a little absurd at times, but at least he’s not boring my mind out like DAN is. OMG Dan just shoot yourself. Please. Or get someone to run you off the road. I’m so sick of you. Rufus… wow. Get thee to a therapist, pronto. Cheer UP. LILY WHERE ARE YOU? Chuck. I love ya. Keep doing what you are doing.

3. Rhode Island: That’s where I am. In case you were wondering.

4. The KRISTINA MONDAY BOOK CLUB: So we found out on Monday that Kristina is halfway there and on book 26. Gah. I am still on book 23. Check the BOOK LIST link above (next to “home”) if you want to see all of the books I have read so far. Also, in the theme of books, I have an account on goodreads, so join and add me! It’s a great way to see what your friends and awesome people like Sarah Dessen are reading.

5. The room I am living in is a mess. Because of me. I need to tidy up so bad it’s ridiculous. Ugh. Anyway… two nights ago I had a dream I met Maureen Johnson (the YA author, not “of RENT”). I need to get a life.



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