masterpieces of our time

24 07 2008

Occasionally, I’ll come across something that I have seen before, but have completely forgotten about. (insert joke about final papers here). This time, I am referring to the absolutely fantastic wonder that is Confessions of a Broken Heart by Lindsay Lohan. Not only is the song grammy worthy on its own, but the video… my god.

All it takes is Ali Lohan attempting to act to prove that Lindsay can.

I should breakaway from my typical list-style response to this video. But I can’t.

1. I know that no one reads this blog, but can SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHERE LINDSAY GOT THAT AMAZING DRESS? The one that has the sparkles on the top and the yellow craziness on the bottom. I feel like that dress is my version of heaven.

2. The rosary beads are a nice touch. The pope would be proud.

3. That woman is not skanky enough to be Dina Lohan. Not at all. Casting dropped the ball on that one.

4. The creepiest part of the Lohan-style parenting isn’t that they fight in the living room, it’s that they lock their daughter in some dingy public restroom before fighting. Seriously. How did Lindsay get in there? Is that supposed to be her bathroom? How did she not grow up with Hepatitis? Why is the bathtub full of water? Some sort of emergency evacuation plan? I don’t understand why Lindsay is clearly in my middle school bathroom when Ali and the ‘rents seem to be in rooms that aren’t in violation of the sanitary health code.

5. AND IN THAT DRESS, FOR SHAME! DON’T RUIN THAT DRESS! I DON’T CARE HOW TROUBLED YOU ARE! Here’s an idea, Linlo… You get up OFF the floor, stop splashing rank bathtub water all over yourself, spontaneously break the window (I know you can do it, since you show off this amazing skill later in the video), sell that dress to me for cash, and buy yourself a new bathroom.

6. I kind of like this song/video. *sheepish*

IN OTHER NEWS… I’m keeping track of all the books I read in 2008 on a separate page called “Book List.” It’s up there next to “Home.”
16 out of 50… and it’s already July. I’m trying!




One response

14 08 2008

I remember watching MTVs Making the Video of this our sophomore year in the Wylie common room while waiting for my laundry. Oh memories!
I love that dress too. And to be honest I don’t remember thinking Lindsay sang that well. I know I haven’t seen this video since then.

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