everything is tiny!

13 07 2008

As a result of living in dorms in Taiwan, I am no stranger to odd living circumstances. When I arrived in Denver, however, I noticed a couple of things that I found to be… strange.

I share the room with one other person, and so there are two twin beds in the room. Nothing odd or weird about this, until you hear that… the beds are right next to each other. It’s like we are sharing a King sized bed. It is VERY weird. We managed to split them far enough apart to get a small, six inch divide between the beds, but it’s still weird. To be perfectly honest… if WE think it’s weird, I can’t imagine guys living here. They would freak out.

The other thing that is funny is the fact that the appliances in the kitchen are TINY! The fridge SEEMS normal sized at first, but then you realize that it is, in fact, stunted.

I feel like Alice in Wonderland.




One response

14 07 2008

Summer! Loving your blog. My last post was on Gossip Girl fashion! lol Hope you’re having a good time in Denver 🙂

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